Photo of Macoun Club members watching presentation
Photo of Rob using binoculars to project an eclipse image

We began, as we do every meeting, with “Observations.” What have we seen in the natural world since we last met? In this case it had been more than two months. Gabriel had been out whale-watching on the east coast, and Jan in B.C.. It’s pretty hard to beat Humpback Whales and Orcas. But Julia had brought in a rearing cage containing five bright green Monarch chrysalises dotted with gold, waiting to turn into butterflies. And then someone remembered the recent solar eclipse.

Many hands went up to indicate who had witnessed the partial eclipse that was visible in Ottawa on August 21st (total in a narrow band across the United States. Some had made pinhole cameras, but Rob explained how he had used binoculars to project the image onto a piece of paper on his deck.