Photo of boy and Alligator Snapping Turtle eyeing each other
A month ago, Macoun member Morgan told us about an amazing travelling exhibit of 30 live reptiles that is being presented at the Museum of Nature this winter. Today we visited as a group.

With the benefit of prior experience, Morgan held intense consultations with some of the boys. Heads together, the three of them sidled along, gesticulating, and punctuating their conversation with bursts of laughter, and exclamations of “Oh! That reminds me!” Rory and Aidan told her all about how there’s something in Gila Monster spit that, when refined and administered to people with addiction, “turns off” addictive cravings.

And kids with parents dragged them along, too: “Mum! Mum! Come see . . . .” And the parents would be propelled toward the objects of their fascination. They’d be brought to a Veiled Chameleon, brilliantly striped in the greens of her leafy perch, and three Frilled Leaf-tailed Geckos.