by Christine Hanrahan

The September photo blog is now up, jump-started by a couple of gorgeous shots from Al (check out his photo of the locust borer… it generated five comments almost the moment I posted it!)

Today, I headed off to the FWG in the rain, but it began coming down heavily and my camera was in danger of being flooded out, so I didn’t stay long. However, I did take a number of shots and they are also on PBase.

Blue jays were numerous around the BYG, and were joined by a big flock of white-throated sparrows, a few goldfinches and a couple of house finches. A green frog was heading across the lawn, away from the small pond.

A very drenched red squirrel was clipping the heads of the black-eyed susans and feeding on them. Elsewhere, reds were ignoring the downpour and were very noticeably gathering food at various locations around the garden.

The Butterfly Meadow is looking lush and colourful and I’ve posted several photos of the different sections. Kudos to Diane and all her volunteers for the work on this site.

More photos on PBase in the September Gallery.