By Ted Farnworth

Stumps of two Black Locust trees removed from the edge of the Backyard Garden this week.

Over the years we have watched the Black Locust trees spread up the north side of the ravine at the FWG. The week or so when they are in bloom has brought many oohs and awes from visitors, especially photographers. But as the locusts have grown, they have started to encroach on the Backyard Garden. In fact, they have grown so much, that for the last few years, the shade – full sun conditions in the flower beds has started to affect the growth of some of our plants.

Taking down some of the locusts was the only solution. With the input of several arborists, we have now removed two large Black Locusts that were obvious problems. At the same time we trimmed two trees that had damaged branches that were hanging dangerously over the foot path at the back of the garden.

It is always sad to see trees cut down, but sometimes it is necessary for safety reasons and to protect less aggressive plants/bushes/trees.