This award recognizes an outstanding contribution by a member (or group of members) in the cause of natural history conservation in the Ottawa Valley, with particular emphasis on activities within the Ottawa District.

2022 Sharon Boddy For contributions to the conservation work of several community organizations in the Ottawa area. See citation
2021 Janet Mason For community leadership of habitat restoration projects at Carlington Woods and Hampton Park. See citation
2019 Owen Clarkin For revitalizing the Conservation Committee and advocating on conservation issues. See citation
2018 Anouk Hoedeman For establishing and expanding Safe Wings Ottawa including bird rescue and short-term care. See citation
2017 David Seburn For advocacy efforts influencing the decision to ban hunting of Snapping Turtles in Ontario. See citation
2016 Richard Waters For engaging students in designing and building nest boxes and installing them in appropriate habitat. See citation
2014 Anouk Hoedeman For creating the Ottawa Chapter of the Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) and bird rescue. See citation
2012 David Seburn For significant efforts for over a decade in turtle research and conservation in the Ottawa area. See citation
2011 Ted Mosquin For his guidance to the Purdon Fen Conservation Area and and other conservation issues in the Ottawa Valley. See citation
2008 Stan Rosenbaum In of his long and dedicated service to the smooth running of the Conservation Committee. See citation
2007 Erwin Dreessen For consistently ensuring that greenspace protection is not a forgotten cause, through his work on the Greenspace Alliance and in particular for his work on the Leitrim Wetlands and southern corridor/McCarthy Woods. See citation
2006 Frank Pope In recognition of his skillful leadership of the Alfred Bog Committee for over 20 years, which in 2006 achieved its goal of protection for the Alfred Bog for generations to come. See citation
2005 Iola Price For her outstanding contribution toward the conservation of trees and forests by her work on the Ottawa Forests and Greenspace Advisory Committee. See citation
2004 Ghislaine Rozon For fighting for conservation of Larose Forest. See citation
2003 Dan Brunton For establishing the Ottawa Riverkeeper Project
2002 Phillip Fry For establishing and maintaining the Old Field Garden near Oxford Mills as a model for habitat restoration and wildflower gardening
2001 David White For his studies of the vascular plants of the Ottawa Region leading to preservation of ecologically sensitive lands
2000 Albert Dugal For continuing dedication and exemplary work and for Leitrim Wetland preservation
1999 Stan Rosenbaum For effective leadership and rejuvenation of the Conservation Committee
1998 Ewen Todd For representing the club on numerous advisory committees dealing with environmental concerns, during 20 years on the Conservation Committee
1997 Michael Runtz For efforts to save Gillies Grove in Arnprior
1996 Christine Hanrahan

Sandra Garland

For work on the Fletcher Wildlife Garden
1995 Jeff Harrison For work on the Fletcher Wildlife Garden
1994 Ian Huggett For mobilizing people to save the Wychwood Forest and working to protect the Ottawa River floodplain
1993 Jacques Cayouette For discovery of a series of alvars in Quebec and subsequent work to achieve their protection
1992 Ian Huggett For dedication to protecting natural areas of the Outaouais and founding the citizen’s group Ecowatch
1991 Albert Dugal For committed and ongoing work to save the Leitrim Wetlands
1990 Phil Reilly For wetlands conservation
1988 Frank Pope For extensive work on helping save the Alfred Bog
1987 Graham MacNay For establishing a Bluebird trail which helped increase numbers of this species in the area
1986 Jane Topping For wetlands conservation
1985 Jim M. Richards For successful preservation of Second Marsh in Oshawa
1984 Roger Taylor For conservation initiatives to save the Carp Hills
1983 Ernest A. Beauchesne

Don G. Cuddy

For spearheading efforts to preserve Alfred Bog
1982 H. Loney Dickson For published reports on significant natural areas in the region used as baseFor conservation efforts
1981 Albert W. Dugal For conservation work especially S. Gloucester/Leitrim Wetlands