This award is given in recognition of the member judged to have contributed the most to the Club in the previous year.

 2021 Deb Doherty For contributions to SafeWings’ bird-friendly initiatives. See citation
 2020 Joan Heyding & Ian Gough For fostering amateur mycology in the Club. See citation
 2019 Martha Farkas For outstanding coordination of the 2019 Point Pelee bus excursion. See citation
 2018 Gregory Zbitnew For writing an informative 4-part series for Trail & Landscape as a tool for birders. See citation
 2017 Annie Bélair For redesigning Trail & Landscape as a communication venue for local members. See citation
2016 Gordon Robertson For his enthusiastic support of many activities of the Club. See citation
2015 Lynn Ovenden For delivering a communications plan for the Club and initiating website modernization. See citation
2014 Natalie Sopinka For revitalizing Club communications via social media, including the blog FieldNotes and Twitter. See citation
2013 Mark Brenchley For his creative and enthusiastic development of educational and promotional materials and promoting the OFNC at events. See citation
2012 Jay Fitzsimmons For his work managing the electronic publishing of the Canadian Field-Naturalist and also for his enthusiastic and far-reaching promotion of the journal. See citation
2011 Barry Cottam For his dedicated work at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden to control dog-strangling vine. See citation
2010 Francis R. Cook For for his recent effort to bring the CFN back on schedule. See citation
2008 Diane Lepage For her dedicated work as a volunteer at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden. See citation
2007 Carla Hilado For her work with the Fletcher Wildlife Garden, in particular with the Backyard Garden, but also for work on the Butterfly Meadow, and for initiating several important projects such as organization of the FWG brochures. See citation
2006 Annie Bélair For her dedicated, creative and innovative involvement with the Macoun Club, as well as her work as a volunteer at the Fletcher Wildlife Gardens. See citation
2005 Gillian Marston and
Suzanne Deschenes
For stellar accomplishments in developing educational and publicity materials for OFNC and leading a successful membership drive. See citation
2004 Marilyn Ward For dedicated contributions to the Excursions and Lectures Committee, the Fletcher Wildlife Garden, and for being the contact person for the OFNC. See citation
2003 Pearl Peterkin For outstanding contributions to the Education and Publicity Committee
2002 Bill Royds For his many contributions to the club’s conservation efforts, especially as the link between the OFNC and the Greenspace Alliance
2001 Eve D. Ticknor For her work on FalconWatch and other birding activities
2000 Sandra Garland For website design and maintenance
1999 Claudia Burns For work at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden and in particular coordinating and planning work on the Backyard Garden
1998 Robina Bennett For performing a multiplicity of tasks within the OFNC including the FWG, various committees, leading walks
1997 Eileen Evans For many and various contributions to the OFNC
1996 Catherine O’Keefe For club service in numerous areas
1995 Bob Bracken For sharing knowledge of natural history by leading numerous field trips
1994 Tony Beck For generously contributing time and energy to OFNC bird-related activities
1993 David Moore For being one of the most hard-working members in 1993 particularly as chair of the Education and Publicity Committee
1992 Colin Gaskell For exceptional service to the club over the previous year, especially coordinating speakers and programmes
1991 Michael Murphy For exceptional service to the OFNC and for making the club an important environmental force
1990 Francis R. Cook For getting the Canadian Field Naturalist back on schedule
1989 Deirdre Furlong For rejuvenating of the Excursions and Lectures Committee
1988 Frank Pope For assuming many Council roles when needed during 1988
1987 Colin Gaskell For active committee work and organizing club excursions
1986 Roy John For chairing the Bird Records Subcommittee through a year of much change
1985 Ellaine M. Dickson For maintaining the OFNC phone line for many years
1984 Frank H. Bell For exceptional service on many club committees, leading club walks, helping edit The Shrike
1983 C. Richard Leavens For involvement in nearly all aspects of the OFNC’s participation in the FON AGM, 1983
1982 Roger Taylor For committee work, reorganization of The Shrike, creation of computer-based bird records
1981 Joyce Reddoch For conservation work and Editor of T & L