For members, non-members, or organizations, in recognition of outstanding achievements in the field of natural history education in the Ottawa Region.

2018 Bill McMullen  For connecting students with nature especially through photography. See citation
2017 Teachers of  Regina Street Alternative School For connecting their students with nature at Mud Lake. See citation
2016 Richard Waters For his impact on the Bell High School students in his grade nine Exploring Technology class. See citation
2014 Tom Spears For years of popularizing natural history topics for the media in the Ottawa area. See citation
2013 Angelika Skevington For sharing her knowledge and wonder of nature with students at Huntley Centennial Public School in Carp, Ontario. See citation
2011 Fred Schueler and Aleta Karstad For their many years of exceptional service in natural history education including mudpuppy nights and the NatureList. See citation
2010 MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre For their many years of exceptional service in teaching natural history to Ottawa area children. See citation
2008 Rob Lee For over 30 years of dedicated and effective teaching of natural history to both children and adults in the Ottawa area. See citation
2007 Martha Webber For working quietly for many, many years conducting countless courses, nature programs, and guided walks. See citation
2006 Isabelle Nicol For her work as a first-rate natural history teacher. See citation
2005 Michael Léveillé For excellence in teaching natural history at the Educarium, an Ottawa private school. See citation
2004 Andrea Howard For outstanding, innovative approaches to teaching a variety of natural history topics. See citationd