This award is presented in recognition of outstanding contributions by a member or non-member to Canadian natural history or to the successful operation of the Club. Usually people awarded an honorary membership have made extensive contributions over many years. At the present time honorary membership is limited to 25 people.

2023 Don McAlpine For lifetime achievements in Canadian natural history and long-time service with the Canadian Field-Naturalist.
2021 Ken Young For his extensive contributions to the successful operation of the Club, particularly on financial aspects. See citation
2020 Robert Forsyth For his outstanding contribution to Canadian malacology. See citation
2020 Jeff Harrison For his significant role in founding the Fletcher Wildlife Garden and service to the Club. See citation
2020 Fred Schueler & Aleta Karstad For lifetime natural history and conservation efforts in Eastern Ontario and Canada. See citation
2016 John McNeill In recognition of lifetime contributions to Canadian botany and botanical nomenclature. See citation
2015 Robert E. Lee In recognition of lifetime contributions to natural history teaching and investigation and dedicated leadership of the Macoun Field Club. See citation
2014 Ross Layberry In recognition of lifetime contributions to butterfly conservation. See citation
2012 Dr. J. Bruce Falls For his immense contribution to the investigation, documentation and protection of natural features and landscapes in Ontario and throughout Canada. See citation
2012 Peter W. Hall For his work on butterflies among other species, the Fletcher Wildlife Garden, biodiversity conservation and over 30 years of service to the Club. See citation
2010 Ronald E. Bedford For his commitment and stewardship. See citation
2010 Daniel F. Brunton For his achievements as a knowledgeable naturalist, accomplished botanist and birder, important environmentalist and spokesperson for natural history in the National Capital Region, and for his outstanding service to the club. See citation
2010 Michael D. Cadman For his significant contributions to the understanding of birds, bird distributions and habitat requirements. See citation
2009 Paul Catling One of Canada’s most distinguished plant taxonomists, Paul is a man of many talents and interests. See citation
2009 Fenja Brodo Fenja radiates contagious passion for the natural world. Whether she is leading or participating in an outing, she brings enthusiasm and excitement and takes delight in sharing her knowledge. See citation
2008 Christine Hanrahan In recognition of the astonishing depth of her love and caring for everything natural and the efforts she has undertaken to make people “see the beauty and the wonder of even the tiniest creature or plant.” See citationn
2004 Charles D. Bird For his work on mosses, lichens and flowering plants and long service as an associate editor of the Canadian Field-Naturalist. See citation
2003 Dan Strickland For his renowned studies on the Gray Jay and for fostering an appreciation of nature in the general public in his role as Chief Naturalist at Algonquin Park
2001 John B. Theberge For ecological studies of wolves, work in establishing parks, and outstanding books on Canadian natural history
2000 Donald M. Britton For outstanding work in plant taxonomy and systematics
Jack M. Gillett For long career as a plant taxonomist and contributions to the Club
E. Frank Pope For 22 years on Council and continuing work
Joyce and Allan Reddoch For service on Council and committees
1999 Theodore Mosquin For service to the Club and contributions to Canadian natural history and its conservation
1998 Francis R. Cook For service to the Club and herpetological work
1997 John Livingston For contributions toward the appreciation of nature and the environment
1996 Bruce M. Di Labio For service to the Club and contribution to birding
1996 William O. Pruitt, Jr For mammalogy and service to the Club as associate editor of The Canadian Field-Naturalist
1992 George F. Ledingham For scientific, educational and conservation achievements related to grasslands
1991 Ellaine M. Dickson For many years of dedicated service in many aspects of the Club
1989 Anthony J. Erskine For ornithology and club work
1987 Ibra L. Conners For mycology and service to the Club
Donald E. McAllister For ichthyology
Robert W. Nero For work as a naturalist and a writer
1986 E.L. Bousefield For invertebrate zoology
Claude E. Garton For botany
1985 Eugene G. Munroe For entomology
C. Stuart Houston For ornithology and history
1984 Bernard Boivin For botany
Irwin M. Brodo For botany and club work
Verna R. McGiffin For club work
Stewart D. MacDonald For ornithology
1983 Hue N. Mackenzie For club work
1982 Thomas H. Manning For zoology
1981 Louise de Kiriline Lawrence For work as a naturalist and a writer
Sheila Thomson For club work
1980 R. Yorke Edwards For work as an interpretive naturalist
Clarence Frankton For botany
Douglas B.O. Saville For mycology and work as a naturalist
1979 C.H.D. Clarke For zoology
William J. Cody For botany and club work
George McGee For club work
Pauline Snure For club work
Mary E. Stuart For club work
1978 W.K.K. Baldwin For botany and club work
1976 W. Earl Godfrey For ornithology
1972 William G. Dore For botany
Loris S. Russel For palaeontology
J.D. Soper For zoology
W.A. Squires For ornithology
Robie W. Tufts For ornithology
1971 Father F.E. Banin For club work
A.F. Coventry For mammology and education
Rowley Firth For work as a naturalist and club work
A.E. Porsild For botany
C.M. Sternberg For palaeontology
M.Y. Williams For geology
1970 Wilmot Lloyd For club work
1965 Hoyes Lloyd For ornithology
1963 Stuart Criddle For work as a naturalist
1959 George H. Turner For botany
1955 Herbert Groh For botany
1953 Alice E. Wilson For geology
1952 Harrison F. Lewis For ornithology
1945 E.A. Preble For ornithology and mammology
Hugh M. Raup For botany
1944 Percy A. Taverner For ornithology
1936 H. Beaumont Small For work as a club pioneer
1933 Arthur Gibson For entomology
1903 James F. White For education
1902 Rev. C.J.S. Bethune For entomology and education
Edward L. Greene For botany
1900 Theodor Holm For botany
H.J. Wickham For entomology
1887 E. Alice Amerod For entomology
1886 Rev. George W. Taylor For marine biology
1885 Sir William Saunders For entomology
Abbe Provancher For work as a naturalist
1884 C. Hart Merriam For ornithology and mammology
John B. Smith For entomology
1883 Rev. Duncan Anderson For ornithology
1882 Henry Edwards For entomology
1879 John Macoun For work as a naturalist
Albert J. Hill For palaeontology