This award was established to honour the memory of Anne Hanes, who was an active naturalist and the founding editor of Trail & Landscape. It recognizes a member who, through independent study or investigation, has made a worthwhile contribution to our knowledge, understanding, and appreciation of the natural history of the Ottawa Valley.

2021 Owen Clarkin For increasing our knowledge of Red Spruce occurrences and distribution in eastern Ontario. See citation
2012 Diane Lepage For her independent study of and publication in Trail & Landscape on the moths of the Larose Forest. See citation
2011 Colin Freebury For his independent study of and publication on lichens in Gatineau Park. See citation
2010 Monty Brigham For his outstanding contribution to our knowledge of bird, mammal and amphibian vocalizations in Eastern Ontario and across Canada. See citation
2008 Otto Loesel For his years of independent study of woodrotting fungi (Polyporales) in the National Capital Region and in particular in Gatineau Park. See citation
2007 Ross Layberry For continuing work on surveying, compiling, and maintaining records on butterflies in the Ottawa and thereby broadening our understanding of the distribution of butterfly species in the area. See citation
2006 Linda Jeays For her outstanding contribution to our further knowledge of the Eastern Tailed Blue in the Ottawa Region. See citation
2005 Macoun Field Club For its members’ remarkable studies of the Macoun Study Area in Bells Corners over a 35-year period. See citation
2001 Robert Bracken and Christina Lewis For remarkable studies and publications on the dragonflies and damselflies of the Ottawa region
2000 Robert Lee For article “The leopard does not change its spots”
1997 Joyce and Allan Reddoch For exhaustive research on Ottawa area orchids culminating in the publication of The Orchids in the Ottawa District
1996 J.M. Gillett For work on the vascular plants of the Ottawa area
1995 Marilyn Light For work on the orchids of Gatineau Park
1993 Mary I. Moore For thorough botanical work in the Ottawa Valley and Algonquin Park
1992 Donald G. Cuddy For comprehensive work on documenting important natural features in eastern Ontario to aid in their protection
1991 Michael Runtz For extensive contributions to better understanding the natural history of the Ottawa Valley and beyond
1988 Daniel F. Brunton For his 1988 book Nature and Natural Areas in Canada’s Capital
1987 Jack Holliday For publication in T&L of many illustrated articles on natural history
1986 Clarence Frankton For botanical inventories in particular of Stony Swamp
1985 Ross Anderson For publication in T&L of many illustrated articles on natural history
1983 Bruce M. Di Labio For birding knowledge and expertise
1981 Ross Layberry
J. Don Lafontaine
Peter Hall
For work culminating in Butterflies of the Ottawa District, 1982