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Mud Lake Fall BioBlitz

By Lucy Patterson, member of the OFNC Northern Leopard Frog (Lithobates pipiens) On September 12-13th, 2014, Nature Canada held a fall BioBlitz event at Mud Lake. Its goal was to locate, identify, and photograph as many living things as possible within a 24-hour period. The event was part of a larger effort to [...]

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A national symbol honoured by a local naturalist

By Natalie Sopinka At the September monthly meeting OFNC members were treated to an enlightening and entertaining presentation on Canada's national animal, the beaver. Showcased on The Hudson’s Bay Company's coat of arms and Parks Canada's logo, and the first animal to be featured on a postage stamp, the beaver is a well-recognized emblem of Canadian culture and history. The beaver [...]

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Mud Lake turtle rescue

by Ian Whyte On 10 September, I attended an OFNC birding outing at Mud Lake. Because I’ve found Snapping Turtle hatchlings trapped on the road by the filtration plant in previous years, I checked that location on my way home. The road in front of the filtration plant can be a death trap for hatchlings [...]

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Member profile – Rob Alvo

Members of the Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club are as diverse as the taxa they study; from birders to botanists, highschool students to university professors, backyard garden admirers to conservation officers. The OFNC blog will be featuring profiles of members to showcase the incredible array of natural history enthusiasts. Whether you've just joined or are a lifetime member, please [...]

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Flora and fauna of the Marlborough Forest

By Jakob Mueller On Saturday July 19, eight OFNC members joined me for a hike in Marlborough Forest. Marlborough Forest is the name ascribed to a large natural area owned by the City of Ottawa, in the southwestern corner of the municipal boundary. The largest forested area in the City of Ottawa boundaries, it contains a [...]

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On raising monarchs

text and photos by Julia Cipriani Monarch egg. I have been a number one admirer of the Monarch butterfly for a very, very long time. I find their mid-June arrival in Canada and their September journey to return to their over-wintering grounds in the mountains where the Oyamel fir trees grow in Mexico [...]

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Local fisheries scientists working together to rehabilitate Brewer Pond

By Maja Cvetkovic, Carleton University's Fish Ecology and Conservation Physiology Laboratory (FECPL) Reprinted with permission from Last week post-doctoral researcher Dr. Jon Midwood led a group of volunteers from the FECPL lab and Ottawa community on a hunt for juvenile Muskellunge and Northern Pike in the Rideau River. Ottawa can boast about its urban muskie [...]

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Let’s talk about Lepidoptera – National Moth Week

By Natalie Sopinka Catoptilia stigmatella. Photo: Suzanne Deschenes The OFNC and its members are quite fond of moths - leading excursions to locate moths in Larose Forest, keeping track of moths in the Fletcher Wildlife Garden, showcasing the diversity and beauty of this butterfly relative via numerous photographs, and simply observing nightly visitors to porch lights. [...]

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Carbon and caribou in Canada’s Low Arctic

By Claire Elliott, member of the OFNC Claire Elliott In the spring of 2013 I joined the research lab of Dr. Elyn Humphreys at Carleton University. Dr. Humphreys may be known to some OFNC members for her guided walks of Mer Bleue Bog. I was enticed to join the lab because of a [...]

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14th annual OFNC butterfly count

By Jeff Skevington Hans Blokpoel with one of the easier to find Appalachian Browns from the count. Photo Alexander Skevington. Single-day insect surveys are nerve-wracking as they are controlled to a great extent by the weather. It was thus a pleasure to awake on July 5 to spectacular weather for the 14th annual OFNC [...]

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