Don’t eat me – we mean it, folks, seriously!

By Barry Cottam Invasive dog-strangling vine (Cynanchum rossicum & C. louiseae) is being removed throughout Ottawa. Photo: Brewer Park Community Garden Dr. Steven Chatfield’s presentation at the OFNC monthly meeting on June 5 was the result of a long molecular chain whose first component was his visit to the Fletcher Wildlife Garden the [...]

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My experience at the Ontario Nature Youth Summit 2013

By Sarah Wray Reprinted with permission from Trail & Landscape 2014; 48(1) Sarah Wray describes her experience at the 2013 Youth Summit In September 2013, I was sponsored by the OFNC to attend the 4th annual Ontario Nature Youth Summit focusing on biodiversity and green solutions. It was held over a weekend at [...]

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Butterflies of Larose Forest

By Linda Burr Photographing butterflies in Larose Forest It is always a remarkable experience to get out on a walk with someone who is an acknowledged expert in their field. Such was the case on Sunday, June 22, when 14 people joined butterfly expert Peter Hall for an incredible day of butterfly watching [...]

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Spring is in the air

By Natalie Sopinka Ever get stumped trying to describe that smell after a misty, spring rain when the grass is dewy and lush? Well that smell has an official term, petrichor. Produced by interactions between plant oils, bacteria, and an organic compound called geosmin, petrichor is the earthy aroma after rain. This spring, as the [...]

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Watch for turtles!

from Turtle S.H.E.L.L. Why did the turtle cross the road? To get to the other side. It may seem silly, but it’s the truth. Right now many turtles are moving from one marsh to another, to find food, locate a mate, or lay eggs. Historically, this was no problem, but today turtles must often cross [...]

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Nature Canada’s Bird Day Fair 2014

By Natalie Sopinka Can you spot the special visitor to the OFNC booth? On Saturday May 31st Nature Canada held its 2nd annual Bird Day Fair at Andrew Haydon Park and members of the OFNC were on hand to celebrate our avian friends. Mark Brenchley, Natalie Sopinka, Julia Cipriani and Anouk Hoedeman manned [...]

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Pink lady’s slippers and dune tour

by Sandy Garland Today (1 June 2014), OFNC members were treated to a tour of an Ottawa gem: the Pinhey sand dunes. According to Biodiversity Conservancy International's (BCI) web site, the complex "has survived over 10,000 years since the last ice age. This unique ecosystem is home to a number of plant and animal species [...]

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