An eye on Ospreys

by Sandy Garland with much help from Rémy Poulin (OFNC) and Bill Petrie (IPBO) First photo from the newly installed webcam at Innis Point Bird Observatory Plans to install a webcam on an Osprey nesting platform with a live feed to the Internet took a leap forward this spring. Although wireless service is [...]

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Showing up at City Hall

by Lynn Ovenden Expo at City Hall with Brenda McCrea and Barbara Riley Backyard Biodiversity was the theme last Friday night (April 11) at City Hall. As part of the City of Ottawa Wildlife Speaker Series, the evening featured talks by two guest speakers. Sarah Kirkpatrick-Wahl from Nature Canada spoke about features that [...]

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Stories from Australia’s waves, caves, and animal graves

by Natalie Sopinka On April 8, OFNC members met for the third time at the new meeting location at the Central Experimental Farm. Murray Citron recited his first-ever published poem (in Trail & Landscape!) which captured all elements of an Ottawa spring: wind, snow and sun. On that note, as spring temperatures rise, so do [...]

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Ottawa Regional Science Fair: and the awards go to…

by Natalie Sopinka This year the Ottawa Regional Science Fair was held April 4-5 at Carleton University. With over 200 students from grades 7-12, the event was filled with young bright minds asking questions about energy, the environment, human health, and natural resources. Kathleen Conlan and Natalie Sopinka were on hand to judge projects that demonstrated [...]

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Birds for beginners

by Bev McBride Editor's note: In the interests of full disclosure, this Red-winged Blackbird was not photographed during this excursion, nor was it photographed at Mud Lake. However, Bev says this species was "emblematic" of the morning's very successful field trip. Photo by Gillian Mastromatteo About 20 people came out for this morning's [...]

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