The Hidden World of the Gray Treefrog

/The Hidden World of the Gray Treefrog

Starts in 30 Days, 19 Hours

August 19, 2018 9:00 am

Leader: Derek Dunnett

Meet: Northeast corner of the Bruce Pit parking lot, off Cedarview

Description: “What bird makes that sound? I can never see it!” Every hiker in Southeastern Canada has heard the mysterious call of the Gray Treefrog, but most people will never see one. ┬áBecome someone who has. We will look for tree frogs in a known location, and may look for other frogs or insects as well. These tiny tree dwellers make wonderful macro subjects. The hike (more of a saunter really) will run in sun or light drizzle, but not in a storm. Bring water, sunscreen, a hand lens if you have one, and perhaps insect repellent. There will be ticks, so dress accordingly. May be cancelled if there are no frogs, so check the OFNC website a week before the hike.

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