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Ontario Invasive Plants Conference

This year's OIPC conference included many field trips that allowed participants to try out tools, such as the green Weeder and orange Extractigator to remove dog-strangling vine and small shrubs. by Lynn Ovenden The Ontario Invasive Plants Council hosted their 10th annual meeting and conference in Ottawa this year. The event began on October 10, 2017 with a field trip to the Leitrum wetland, Mud Lake and Macoun Marsh to view the invasive plant situation at each place. On Wednesday Oct. 11, [...]

FWG gets outside help

Volunteers from the TD Bank dug up an aggressively spreading patch of Comfrey near Prince of Wales Drive. by Ted Farnworth Mountain of Dog-strangling Vine removed by Royal Ottawa volunteers. Price Waterhouse Coopers, the Royal Ottawa, TD Bank, Ernst & Young, and Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. What do they have in common? Well, each of these organizations has volunteer groups that have recently come to the Fletcher Wildlife Garden to help us. Our regular volunteers do a great job, [...]

Dead on the road

Holly Jasmine Long, Brittany Quesnel, and David Seburn collect data on a turtle found during 1 of 57 road surveys across eastern Ontario this summer. Photo by Brandon Holden. by David Seburn [Note: This is the third in a series of blog posts on a project of the OFNC and the Canadian Wildlife Federation. See also: Hunting for the elusive Blanding's Turtle and Build it and they will hatch.] Turtles as a group have been around for over 200 million years. [...]

A perfect autumn day (Sept. 16, 2017)

We lazily walked in to a place we know as "Rock-wall Pond" at Pakenham, finding a Spring Peeper, Wood Frog, and Leopard Frog, and many American Toads beside the trail, and passing pale asters as we went. We ate lunch on flowing steps of thick moss on a rocky hilltop, and resumed our ambling. When we reached our destination, a floating bog, we found that high water levels had tripled the width of the moat to about 10 feet, which [...]

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Start-up meeting (Sept. 9, 2017)

We began, as we do every meeting, with "Observations." What have we seen in the natural world since we last met? In this case it had been more than two months. Gabriel had been out whale-watching on the east coast, and Jan in B.C.. It's pretty hard to beat Humpback Whales and Orcas. But Julia had brought in a rearing cage containing five bright green Monarch chrysalises dotted with gold, waiting to turn into butterflies. And then someone remembered the [...]

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Outing to Shaw Woods

Jakob Mueller leads OFNC walk to Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre in Renfrew County ... Dragonhunter, Hagenius brevistylus, a clubtail dragonfly. by Tanya Middlebro'. On Saturday 12 August, Jakob Mueller led a group of 12 members along the stately Old Growth Trail in the Shaw Woods.  Highlights were several red-backed salamanders, and many colourful mushrooms.  The trail on the east side of the Snake River revealed New Jersey Tea and cardinal flowers in bloom. An excellent outing, enjoyed [...]

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Birding for beginners at the FWG

After a brief introduction to birding, Dave led participants around the trails at the FWG to see what birds could be found...  by Sandy Garland This spring, we were delighted when Dave Moore agreed to give three workshops for people who want to get started in bird watching or birding. The first two have been a huge success, and you still have a chance to attend one more on 20 August. Dave is not only an expert birder, but he's [...]

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A Carleton day of service

A team of enthusiastic Carleton students helped turn a field of DSV into a wildflower meadow... by Sandy Garland Just across the canal from the FWG, Carleton University has been a good neighbour to us over the years. Most recently, students have been volunteering at the garden during their annual Carleton Serves day in the fall as well as through a Days of Service program. Last Tuesday, a dozen students joined our regular Tuesday in the Woods group. We wanted to [...]

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Mission Monarch

The FWG is participating in Mission Monarch, a survey of Monarch caterpillars across Canada... by Sandy Garland Just as we were about to give up hope, we noticed this large caterpillar peaking over the edge of a leaf that it was systematically devouring. Last Saturday (July 22), Daphné Laurier Montpetit of Montréal's Insectarium gave a workshop at the FWG to tell us about a new initiative. The Insectarium wants to find out the best conditions for Monarch reproduction, [...]

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