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Congratulations to Safe Wings coordinator Anouk Hoedeman on receiving a Canada 150 certificate and commemorative pin to recognize her spectacular work in getting Safe Wings off the ground and shaping it into what it has become, and for making Ottawa a safer place for birds. She was selected as one of a handful of local people and organizations for being an outstanding community builder. Catherine McKenna presented the certificate and pin.

More than just road kill
North Grenville Times (8 November 2017)
OFNC’s Fred Schueler‘s “study of roadkill falls into a field called road ecology, which looks at how roads affect the habitats they run through and what roadkill can tell us about the population and movement of animals that live along roads.”

“They’re important to us”: Ottawa woman heads group rescuing injured birds
CBC news and In Town and Out (28 October 2017)
Giacomo Panico goes out patroling with OFNC’s Anouk Hoedeman of Safe Wings Ottawa

Important conversations about bird conservation
Kitchissippi Times (28 Sept 2017)
“[OFNC’s] Bev McBride is being interviewed and giving the conversation her full attention, but doesn’t miss a beat when asked what birds she’s noticing, on the shore of the Ottawa River downstream from Westboro Beach.”

Canada is actually running short of bugs
Ottawa Citizen (24 Sept 2017)
OFNC’s Jeff Skevington talks about the loss of grasshoppers, cicadas, beetles, etc., that used to be common in summer.

Ottawa group wants Ontario to end snapping turtle hunt
Ottawa Metro (16 Jan 2017)
OFNC’s David Seburn explains why the legal hunt for Snapping Turtles should be stopped.

Why won’t Ottawa’s robins go south?
Ottawa Sun (22 Dec 2016)
“The annual Christmas Bird Count… recorded 1047 of them [this year]. That is a record… ‘And that’s not including a flock of 500 seen on the Experimental Farm,’ notes birder and environmental consultant Dan Brunton.”

City adds more bird-proofing to glassy skywalk at city hall
Ottawa Citize (24 May 2016)
“Safe Wings Ottawa recommended the window treatment after more dead waxwings were found under the bridge this past winter.”

Bird crashes pile up; group worries about glassy NAC upgradeThe dazzling redesign of the National Arts Centre will jazz up the core, but for Anouk Hoedeman, it’s a future avian death trap. (Ottawa Citizen, 12 Feb. 2016)

OFNC member, Rob Alvo, talks about his new book, Being a Bird in North America on CBC’s Our Ottawa and In Town and Out (5 Dec. 2015)

Moose: a year in the life of a twig eater
Former Macoun Club member, Hugo Kitching, tracked two moose calves for a year in Jasper National Park. (The Nature of Things, 15 October 2015)

Marathon migration of the Ancient Murrelet
OFNC member and associate editor of CFN, Anthony Gaston, talks about his studies of a sea bird that migrates across the Pacific instead of heading south. (Quirks and Quarks, 19 September 2015)

A lime, a celery, or a wild parsnip plant. Which one do you avoid touching?
OFNC members and environmental consultants, Dan Brunton and Holly Bickerton, inject voices of reason into the current hysteria about Wild Parsnip (Pastinaca sativa): “it’s wrong to frighten people into avoiding nature.” (Ottawa Citizen, 13 August 2015)

Deer flies, horse flies having ‘good year’ in Ottawa due to rain
OFNC member and entomologist, Jeff Skevington, says blood-sucking flies thrive in wetness. “On a dry year, the muck along pond edges dry out, the ponds recede, then its horse flies and deer flies dry up. This year, we’ve had intermittent rain through the season, so it’s a good year for them.” (CBCNews, 3 August 2015)

Bird of Ottawa Panel
OFNC members Anouk Hoedman and Alex MacDonald joined Mike Runtz on a panel to choose an official Ottawa bird. CBC’s In Town and Out, 2 May 2015

Flying into a glass wall: Bird deaths in downtown Ottawa no laughing matter
OFNC member, Anouk Hoedeman is “currently discussing bird-safe design guidelines with the City of Ottawa. Her organization is asking for volunteers to join patrols in the city to rescue injured birds and document fatalities online.” (Metro, 1 April 2015)

“I really like being with the group of people”: social wellbeing and nature volunteeering at Ottawa’s Fletcher Wildlife Garden
by OFNC member Renate Sander-Regier and Josephine Etowa (International Journal of Arts & Sciences, 7(6):291-304)

There’s a hole in my atlas
David Seburn writes about his experience gathering data for the Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Atlas as oordinator for the Ottawa region (Ontario Nature’s wildlife blog, 28 January 2015)

Joyce and Allan Reddoch honoured by Canadian Orchid Congress
Over the past 49 years, Drs. Joyce and Allan Reddoch have monitored 36 orchid species in Gatineau Park and elsewhere, producing “the largest assemblage of long-term orchid studies in Canada.” (Orchid Conservation News, p. 2, December 2014)

Ottawa woman fights to prevent deaths by (building) design
Anouk Hoedeman has heard the sound about a half dozen times: that dull thud a bird makes when it collides with a window…” (Ottawa Citizen, updated 7 December 2014)

Alexander Skevington – October 2014 Zeiss eBirder of the Month
View Alexander’s winning checklist from Australia and find out more about his use of eBird, and his love of birds. (eBird Canada, 26 November 2014)

Ontario’s highly praised Invasive Species Act gets a second chance
“Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of effort and a little bit of money,” said Iola Price, president of the Ontario Invasive Plant Council [and member of the OFNC]. (Alternatives Journal, 7 November 2014)

Vulnerable waterways
“Fighting pipelines, with paintbrushes. Fred Schueler and Aleta Karstad are travelling crosscountry, and using art to express their concerns about the proposed Energy East Pipeline.” (Superior Morning, CBC Thunder Bay, 27 October 2014)
Read the blog of the journey

Bird advocates want building warnings
F.L.A.P. Ottawa Wing organizer, Anouk Hoedeman, and colleague, Cynthia Paquin, were interviewed by Sandra Abma. (CBC News Ottawa, 5 and 6, 14 October 2014)

Invasive species experts want more involvement from public
OFNC member, Iola Price, talks about local invasive species. (CBC News, 14 October 2014)

Brightest fall colours in Ottawa-Gatineau still to come
“The two key factors that lead to really vibrant red colours in the fall are low temperatures and high light,” says Jeffery Saarela, a research scientist at the Canadian Museum of Nature. (CBCNews, 6 October 2014)

Bird Tweets
Every Saturday on CBC’s In Town and Out, OFNC member, Alex MacDonald, talks about a local bird species.

Rogue goose attack or ‘evil’ breed of bird?
CBC interviews OFNC member, Jeff Skevington about cyclist attacked by a Canada Goose (Ottawa Morning, 26 June 2014)

Earth, water, fire: an ecological profile of Lanark County
Videotape of Paul Keddy‘s recent OFNC talk (11 March 2014)

Very tall Black Spruce creates excitement
“[The OFNC’s conservation chair,] Owen Clarkin was in the province this summer measuring trees, and he found something very special in the Ayers Lake area.” (CBC News, New Brunswick, 16 December 2013)