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  • Neily World - Birding is a great site for self-guided birding tours around the Ottawa area and much more
  • Club des ornithologues de l'Outaouais is our sister birding club
  • Ottawa Breeding Bird Count is a is a volunteer-based, scientific project, working to build a long-term and public database of bird observations to measure the effects of development and improve the quality of bird habitat in our city
  • Innis Point Bird Observatory is a local banding station dedicated to the study of birds and natural history
  • is an omnibus birding site
  • Ontario Field Ornithologists (OFO) is a site outlining the organization's activities and includes rare bird sightings, photos of recent sightings, articles on birds and the official provincial checklist. Find out about field trips, how to become a member, and much more
  • Ontbirds Archives - subscribe to this list or browse past sightings
  • Birds of Quebec is a bilingual site. It has extensive birding information for Quebec including bird alerts and e-mail addresses for birders throughout the province
  • Bird Protection Quebec/Protection des oiseaux du Québéc is the oldest birding society in Quebec and among the oldest in North America. For birding in Montreal and Quebec ... field trips, lectures and meetings, birding sites and recent sightings
  • Point Pelee National Park is internationally known for its spring and fall migration of birds
  • Friends of Rondeau Provincial Park
  • The Birds of Northumberland County includes Presqu'ile Provincial Park
  • Where do You Want to go Birding Today? is a site with world birding information in turn by continent, country, province/state and locality. It has checklists, site guides, tour guides, event guides, links, rare bird alerts and more
  • Bird Studies Canada is a base for volunteer-based surveys such as the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas Ontario, the Nest Records Scheme, the Canadian Breeding Bird Survey, the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey, the Christmas Bird Count, Project FeederWatch and the coordination of observatory data on migratory birds across Canada
  • The Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas is a volunteer-based 5-year project to gather data on the breeding distribution of all the bird species that breed in Ontario
  • The Ontario Nest Records Scheme provides a valuable means of tracking the health of Ontario's bird populations through detailed records submitted by volunteers and professional researchers
  • The Canadian Breeding Bird Survey is now one of the oldest surveys of breeding birds in North America. It is conducted primarily by volunteers, who follow a predetermined, roadside route each year at the height of the breeding season
  • The Canadian Lakes Loon Survey is a long-term project designed to monitor the numbers and breeding success of loons on lakes across Canada
  • The Christmas Bird Count has amassed a huge database on the distribution and numbers of North American Birds while local rivalries and the long history of the count have made it one of the biggest social and sporting events in the birding world
  • Project FeederWatch is a winter-long survey of birds that visit feeders at backyards, nature centres, community areas, and other locales in North America. The survey is operated by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in partnership with the National Audubon Society, Bird Studies Canada, and Canadian Nature Federation
  • The American Ornithologists' Union is the authority on taxonomy and occurrence, look here for the current taxonomic order
  • American Birding Association information and resources for birders, listers and members
  • National Audubon Society for the American network of community-based nature centers and chapters, scientific and educational programs, and advocacy on behalf of areas sustaining important bird populations
  • National Audubon/Cornell University BirdSource is an excellent site for details and reviews relating to many studies and programs including the Christmas Bird Count, Project FeederWatch, the Great Backyard Bird Count and others. A source of conservation, population and occurrence data and reports
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology for research on ornithology and biological diversity
  • USGS's Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter with photographs, songs, videos, identification tips, maps, and life history information for North American birds
  • Bent Life Histories are part of the species descriptions on Birdzilla, Wild Bird Omnibus
  • Bird Sounds - Listen to the sounds of 602 North American birds species
  • The Ultimate Guide to Birdwatching


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