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The Fletcher Wildlife Garden newsletter

Summer 2016

Getting to be a birder | New labels for BYG | Work nodes and our newest star volunteers | Things I learned on Facebook recently

July-August 2015

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you | New signs for the BYG | Help wanted | Help for fruit tree pollinators | Tuesday afternoons in the Old Woodlot | Our hope for DSV | Tell a friend | Vine protest song | Summer in the Backyard Garden | Nature walks | Node news | The trouble with burdock: lessons we learn the hard way | Pseudoscorpions at the FWG

May-June 2015

It's just a plant sale | Statistics Canada environmental fair | Beautiful with birds | Lis Allison awarded OFNC President’s Prize | A dedicated birder | Spring Fling | FWG job openings | Redesigned brochures | Springtime in the Backyard Garden | "Nodes" at the FWG | Nature notes; Nomada bees and Gray Treefrogs

September-October 2014

Getting ready for winter | Caterpillar hunting: update on AAFC’s parasitized caterpillar project | A season of work in our Butterfly Meadow | Ruby-throated Hummingbirds at the FWG | Installations at FWG | Fletcher Garden in new butterfly book | Tales from the Backyard Garden | Things I learned on Facebook this month | Insects at the FWG | Nature Notes Extended: House Wrens, Red Admiral Butterflies

July-August 2014

Summer days | Plant sale success | Emerald Ash Borer at the FWG | FWG given volunteer recognition certificate | What's in a name | OOS Garden Club: Good for your garden | Know your enemy: learning more about DSV | Scientific experiment at the FWG | A dozen new monarch mini-waystations | Rebuilding our woods | Our Backyard Garden | Greening St. Gregory's | FWG helps local high school | What I learned on Facebook this month | Tenants in our insect hotel | Nature notes: Primrose Moth, Gray Treefrog

May-June 2014

Spring has finally arrived | Undoing trails | DSV circles at the FWG | Red-tailed Hawks at the FWG | Goodbye to our Ash Woodlot | Spring Fling report | The Backyard Garden | Things I learned on our Facebook Group | FWG winners of OFNC awards | Fans of FWG | OFNC at city hall | Nature notes: Eastern Comma, Bloodroot, Eastern Phoebe

February-March 2014

Spring is just around the corner | Where snappers go in winter | Wildlife tracks at the FWG | Mice at the FWG | Why I like our Facebook group | Ash Woodlot makeover | Evening Primrose in winter | Wild food sources for birds and other wildlife at the FWG | Nature notes: goldenrod galls, White-throated sparrow, Red squirrel

November-December 2013

Winter is on our doorstep | New faces at FWG | Thank you, John! | New birdhouses for the garden | A visit to Carleton University | How butterflies spend the winter | Butterfly Meadow end of year report | Friends of the FWG Facebook chatter | 2013 in the Backyard Garden | In and around the Ash Woodlot, 2013 | Bug Day 2013! | Old Field habitat, 2013 report | Nature notes: fall food, garter snake, praying mantis

September-October 2013

Autumn arrives at the FWG | Congratulations Renate! | Walking through the garden | Botanical drawing in the Backyard Garden | Mid-August at the FWG | Wildlife notes - The giant ichneumon wasp | The Tuesday Invasive Species Group - year 3 | Stewardship rangers help out at the FWG | Upcoming events | Additions to our FWG wildlife lists | Nature notes: Canada goldenrod, ruby-throated hummingbird, ambush bugs

May 2013

October-November 2012

Hibernation time at FWG | End of year reports from the Backyard Garden, Butterfly Meadow, TISG, Old Field, Ash Woodlot | Craft corner: bird feed wreath and tree ornaments | Killam Flubright exchange students help out with DSV | Nature notes: blue beech, evening grosbeak, autumn meadowhawk

August-September 2012

Monarch merriment | Mowing down the birds and the butterflies | Monarch Teacher Network workshops | Birth of a Monarch Butterfly | News from the Monarch Network | In case you missed it, FWG also has a photo blog | In and around FWG | FWG event space | Creative corner: be a Monarch Butterfly this Halloween | Nature notes: leaf miner, house wren, darling underwing

June 2012

Catching up with updates | Shelter from the rain | Plant sale success | Mid-season updates on Old Woodlot, Butterfly Meadow, Tuesday Invasive Species Group | Planting in the ravine | Science corner: Bee bee-haviour | New FWG blog | FAQ - birds and windows | Coming events | Nature notes: Banded Hairstreak, Black-crowned Night Heron, Spittle bug

May 2012

May finally feels like spring! | Colour variations in red and grey squirrels | In and around the new nursery | How to get help if you find an orphaned animal | Bringing back the monarchs - that's butterflies, not royalty! | Garden escapees in the Monfort Woods | More stealthy invaders: problem plants in water gardens | Going native at home - My story | Creative Idea: Basking Rocks | Volunteer Corner | Introducing... Greencercise! | Nature notes

April 2012

Taxes are due, but flowers are too! | Spring’s first flowers | We don’t have to wait for summer to see insects! | The very lazy gardener in spring | WANTED: items FWG could use! | Creative idea: raised garden beds | FAQs: Do you have field trips to identify mushrooms? | Science corner: amazing Norther Wheatear | Fill out your volunteer survey | Stealthy invaders: the lesser-known problem plants | Coming events | Nature notes: Field Horsetail, Pine Warbler, Leaf-mining Beetle

March 2012

Welcome back Spring! | School gardens for learning | The Macoun Field Club | Win-win youth enrichment at the FWG | Grass and melt up | FAQs: hummingbirds, frogs and toads | Ahh, that first robin, a sure sign of spring! Or is it? | Insights from the 2012 record-breaking Great Backyard Bird Count | Coming events | Science corner: monarchs | Nature notes: vole holes, Red-winged blackbird, Eastern comma

February 2012

Winter wonderland! (FWG is a different world in winter) | FAQs: stranded bat, spring robin, peregrine ID | Annual native plant sale countdown | Winter tree spotting (use form for ID) | Eye spy: Red squirrel nest in an old bird house, Hanging out the mushroom to dry, Nibbles on sumac, Woodpecker work, American redstart nest | Coming events - get ready, get set and mark your calendar | Help FWG from the comfort of home (volunteer survey) | Urban forests in Ottawa exhibit at Bytown Museum | Science corner: fossil contains clues to cricket song | Activity: sap is rising | Nature notes: Bird of the month (Cooper's hawk), Critter of the month (chipmunk)

November 2011

Hibernation time | Group volunteering 2012 | Let's get handy: building bee boxes | Report: Tuesday Invasive Species Group | The new nursery in photos | Report: Wednesday evening volunteer group | Wildlife in winter at the FWG | Report: Backyard Garden | Music soothes the savage beast. Or does it? | Amazing bird brains: woodpeckers | Activity: Preparing Butterfly Meadow for next year's planting | Nature notes: bracket fungus, goldenrod gall fly, dark-eyed junco | Knowledge note: Sourcing

October 2011

  • Settling in for the season
  • Getting your wildlife garden ready for winter
  • Let's get handy! Building roosting boxes
  • Boo! Honouring our furry flying friends (bats)
  • In and around: Receiving grant cheque, Cubs tour the FWG
  • Milkweeds for monarchs
  • Caches (of food for winter)
  • Activity: Mowing the Old Field
  • Nature notes: In bloom (witch hazel), Bug of the month (bee moth cocoons), Critter of the month (chipmunk)
  • Knowledge note: Focal points

September 2011

August 2011

July 2011

June 2011

May 2011

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