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2001 report

Al Tweddle of the Friends of Petrie Island (FOPI) has sent us their Report to City of Ottawa for the summer 2001 season (October 2001) [PDF format] and their Comments on Petrie Island Plans produced by the former municipality of Cumberland.

The FOPI need support from naturalists and all those who treasure the Petrie Islands, to work with the City of Ottawa to protect this area.


In the Cumberland proposal for Petrie Island for 1997 the existing sand operation or 25 acres would be combined with surrounding 15 acres to form 40 acres of open space for passive recreation. The remaining 60 acres would remain as class 1 wetlands. The Cumberland proposal allowed for approximately 10 acres of the 40 acres to be used for marina and boat launch facilities, unfortunately this would take up approximately half of the 1000' shoreline. Friends of Petrie Island (FOPI) believe that a marina should be located elsewhere so that the whole 40 acres is dedicated to the general public. The shoreline should be left as sand, this type of shoreline is rare in the Ottawa area.

The 1998 Cumberland Master Plan recommended "the use of Petrie Island as a municipal wide park with access to the Ottawa River, be a first priority", this along with 93% support for preservation of the natural areas was based on the results of meetings with community, staff and a 425 random household survey. FOPI believe the whole 40 acre portion of Petrie Island should be developed as a beach park area similar to Britannia and Mooney's Bay with 76 and 66 acres respectively, that will provide the east end of Ottawa with comparable facilities to the west and south end of Ottawa.

Britannia6 acres 76 acres250 +
Mooney's Bay3.2 acres66 acres250+
Petrie Island picnic area 0.1 acres 2.0 acres * 70
City of Cumberland park5 acres30 acres250
Marina 10 acres 150
Friends of Petrie Island plan** 10 acres40 acres400

* Total FOPI agreement area about 6 acres
+ At Britannia and Mooney's Bay many people park on streets adjacent to the park, this is notpossible at Petrie Island. Mooney's Bay charges for parking, $3.75/weekdays and $5/weekends.
**Portion of beach left as natural sand shoreline. Private boat launch facilities already exist but should be improved in cooperation with existing private site. A marina could be developed at this site or further downstream.

The wetland areas of Petrie Island should be considered as a part of the conservation areas of the city's east end. Cumberland had a separate budget and staff allocated to the maintenance and operation of these areas. This is consistent with present city spending on areas like Long Island. The East end budget for conservation areas should be expanded to allow for Petrie Island operation.

The east end of Ottawa deserves City wide park facilities comparable to other areas of the city. To provide adequate space the whole 40 acres of waterfront open space at Petrie Island should be designated as a city park and a marina and bridge should be placed elsewhere.

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