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The Conservation Committee monitors the Ontario government's Environmental Registry and responds to issues that pertain to the Ottawa region or to the overall environment.

EBR-012-9170: Asking the ministry to go farther than restricting the capture of Snapping Turtles and end this practice completely

EBR-012-8104 and EBR-012-8105: Urging the ministry to protect the Algonquin Wolf throughout its range

EBR-012-8004: Minto Communities' request for an overall benefit permit to adversely affect Blanding’s Turtle habitat by constructing a residential development in Stittsville
Minto request | OFNC response

Conservation Committee members are also writing blog posts about environmental action YOU can take in your own backyard: see Conservation how tos

All OFNC activities - the excursions and meetings, the publications, the bird count, the Macoun Club, etc. - depend on the continued existence of a natural environment where the astonishing happenings we call "nature" can continue to happen.

The Conservation Committee's job is to be alert to human influences that are damaging to the natural environment and to advise OFNC members and the executive about what actions we can take, both as individuals and collectively. We also make written submissions.

About the Conservation Committee

Past conservation "campaigns"

Conservation library

A guide to road ecology in Ontario. Ontario Road Ecology Group, Toronto Zoo. 2010.

The social and economic values of Canada’s urban forests: a national synthesis

Species at Risk public registry

You can help

Bumblebee Watch - Report your sightings and add your photos of bumble bees to this continent-wide effort to understand more about these species and prevent their decline.

Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Atlas - help track the distribution and trends in turtle, snake, salamander, and frog numbers across the province.

Neighbourhood Batwatch - Learn about bats, report your sightings to this national program organized by the Quebec provincial Ministère des Forêts de la Faune et des Parcs and the Quebec Centre for Biodiversity Science.

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