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Wild goose chase: OFNC birding outing

Our morning started at Petrie Island, with a calm breeze, blue skies, and soothing sunshine.  by Nina Stavlund and Tony Beck On 4 October, 34 excited birders met at Petrie Island where we started our "Wild Goose Chase" with the OFNC. After Petrie Island and a quick comfort stop at Tim Hortons, we went to [...]

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Outing to Shaw Woods

Jakob Mueller leads OFNC walk to Shaw Woods Outdoor Education Centre in Renfrew County ... Dragonhunter, Hagenius brevistylus, a clubtail dragonfly. by Tanya Middlebro'. On Saturday 12 August, Jakob Mueller led a group of 12 members along the stately Old Growth Trail in the Shaw Woods.  Highlights were several red-backed salamanders, and many [...]

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Manion Corners Butterfly Count, 8 July 2017

Butterfly count organizer, Jeff Skevington (above), reports low numbers of species and individuals this year... by Jeff Skevington, photos by Angela Skevington Twenty-six participants had a fun day on the count this year, but were challenged by both water levels and weather. Heavy storms the night before left all of the vegetation wet. This, combined [...]

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Gatineau park outing

by Sophie Roy On May 20, 21 birders enjoyed the bird life of Gatineau Park, with leaders Justin Peter and yours truly. Photo by Norbert Haché The group started the day off well with two Black-Billed Cuckoos calling at the meeting point, at P8. After birding the parking lot we headed to the nearby [...]

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Mudpuppy night for the OFNC

photos by Bill Bowman According to Fred Schueler, Kemptville Creek, just below the dam at Oxford Mills, is the only place in Ontario where our giant aquatic Salamanders can be easily viewed during their winter activity. Searching for salamanders at this site is a regular weekly event for Fred, and he has [...]

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4th annual members’ photo night: from backyards and around the world

By Barry Cottam Once again OFNC members got together to share their passion for nature and nature photography. And once again, we discovered the amazing range of interests and experiences Club members explore. We could have used even more time than the three hours scheduled for this event. Each presentation by the ten participants was [...]

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Birds of the Galapagos

Blue-footed Booby showing those namesake feet! Photo by Justin Peter by Marissa Carroll Justin Peter, director of programs and senior naturalist for Quest Nature Tours and vice-president of the Toronto Ornithological Club, brought his extensive knowledge of fascinating Galapagos birds to the Ottawa Field-Naturalist Club’s monthly meeting this past Tuesday. Host to unique [...]

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Mushrooms of MacSkimming

By Julia Cipriani Mushrooms collected in the forest, photographed by the MacSkimming Centre team On Saturday, October 1, well over 110 people met at MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre to participate in the MacSkimming open trails event. There were members of the general public, of OFNC, and of les Mycologues amateurs de l’Outaouais (MAO). The [...]

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Peary Caribou: an iconic High Arctic species

OFNC monthly meeting, 13 September 2016 By Marissa Carroll Dr. Micheline Manseau, an associate professor at the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Manitoba and an ecosystem scientist for Parks Canada, was the featured speaker at the OFNC meeting this September. She lectured on the iconic High Arctic Peary Caribou. Understanding the species’ origins [...]

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Early fall birding along the Ottawa River

Northern Flicker, photographed by Sarma Vishnubhatla. On Sunday, 11 September, Jeff Skevington led an outing to Britannia and points west along the Ottawa River. At least 28 participants spent the day visiting the best birding spots along the river, looking for migrants and, especially, shorebirds. As Jeff reports, "We had many groups of warblers [...]

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