2017 OFNC award winners at the Ottawa Regional Science Fair

by Lucy Patterson A raven’s view of the Ottawa Regional Science Fair at Carleton University It is that time of year again - when young scientists come together to present their science projects at the Ottawa Regional Science Fair. On March 31st and April 1st, 2017, students from grades 7 to 12 from [...]

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Youth Summit 2016: thanks for the opportunity

by Priya Nagpal Experiencing nature up close. Photo by Daynan Lepore I am high school student from Ottawa. At my school I run the environment club with a group of friends and have been involved with environmental leadership. When I saw an application for a grant to attend the Ontario Nature Youth Summit for [...]

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OFNC communications: building a new website

by Lynn Ovenden, Website Working Group The club is building a website that can become the central place to find all OFNC news and information. For those with a technical interest, the new website will be built in WordPress. Each OFNC committee will receive website training to add event listings and blog posts to the [...]

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Thanks for sponsoring me, OFNC!

by Sophie Roy Dear OFNC, I would like to thank you for sponsoring me for the Ontario Nature Youth Summit in Orillia. I had an amazing time and learned so much during my weekend by the lake! I really wanted to go to the summit because I felt that I needed to involve myself in [...]

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Remembering Laurie Consaul

by Fenja Brodo, President, OFNC Family, friends and colleagues of Laurie Consaul came out to a tree planting in her memory on September 30th. A Hickory (Carya cordiformis) sapling was lovingly planted by Mark Armstrong, Laurie’s husband and special friend. Mark Armstrong, planting a hickory tree for Laurie (this photo and the one above left [...]

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Percy Taverner Park

by Fenja Brodo Imagine a park named after an ornithologist! Well that is exactly what happened the beautiful afternoon of Wednesday September 24th when a small pocket park was dedicated by Councillor David Chernushenko to the memory of Percy Taverner, ornithologist, architect and a former resident of the neighbourhood – Old Ottawa South. Taverner: [...]

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OFNC communications: follow up to 2015 member survey

by Linda Burr Education and Publicity Committee Thank you to all of our members who participated in the survey on communications this past January. The electronic version was distributed by email to 658 members and a paper survey was distributed by mail to 115 members. We received an incredible 395 responses (39 on paper, 356 [...]

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Ottawa Regional Science Fair: and the winners are…

by Lucy Patterson, Education and Publicity Committee   Allan Leveille (left) and Shamus McCoy are this year's winners of the OFNC award for their science projects From creating bioplastics using potatoes to developing a concentration method for trace elements in water samples, the Ottawa Regional Science Fair is full of surprises! Since 1961, this [...]

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F.L.A.P. Ottawa Wing to the rescue

by Sandy Garland Note: Volunteers are needed. Please contact F.L.A.P. at or call 613 216-8999 to find out how you can help. If you find birds who have collided with windows, please get in touch immediately. If a bird hits one of your windows, please report it to F.L.A.P. Migratory birds are literally hitting [...]

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