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Help identifying a bird

Need help identifying a bird? Do you want to sharpen your birding skills? Explore the links below.

If you are still stumped after consulting these resources, contact us and we will try to reply as soon as possible.

Online ID Tools

Develop your Skills

  • Dendroica - An aid to identifying North American birds
  • Patuxent Bird Identification InfoCenter - Photographs, songs, videos, identification tips, maps, and life history information for North American birds, from the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center
  • Patuxent Bird Quiz - Test your knowledge of North American bird identification, distribution in winter (from the Audubon Christmas Bird Count) and summer (from the North American Breeding Bird Survey), and song
  • WhatBird - A search engine that helps birders identify birds through a downloadable toolbar, a visual characteristic search, songs and more

Practical Tips

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