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Bird Records Subcommittee

The general purpose of the Bird Records Subcommittee (BRSC) is to provide a pool of technical expertise for OFNC members. The BRSC maintains a database that documents rare bird occurrences and serves as an educational resource for the club. Meetings are open to all members of the OFNC. Contact the BRSC.

Rare bird sightings

Any documentation of an unusual sighting is retained permanently in the subcommittee files. The subcommittee meets two or three times a year to review these submissions, which are in turn used to produce our checklists.

Have you seen a rare bird within the 50-km circle? The subcommittee is actively seeking information on sightings of rarer species or any species not on the Ottawa Checklist. The species of interest are given on the Ottawa Checklist. For instructions and reporting forms, see Reporting a rare bird.

The Shrike Database contains 103,466 bird sightings submitted by club members January 1, 1981 through May 31, 1986.

Minutes of past RBSC meetings

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Historical bird checklists

PDF copies of a selection of historical checklists of the birds of Ottawa are available to be downloaded.

1969 Pittaway Checklist
1970 OFNC Checklist
1979 OFNC Checklist
1985 OFNC Checklist
1986 Ottawa District Bird Field List
1993 OFNC Checklist
2002 OFNC Checklist

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