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2016 awards
(presented February 25, 2017)

John McNeillHonorary Member - In recognition of lifetime contributions to Canadian botany and botanical nomenclature. See citation
Gordon RobertsonMember of the Year - For his enthusiastic support of many activities of the Club. See citation
Sandra GarlandGeorge McGee Service Award - For long and dedicated service to the Club and its Fletcher Wildlife Garden projects. See citation
Richard WatersConservation Award, member - For engaging students in designing and building nest boxes and installing them in appropriate habitat. See citation
City of OttawaConservation Award, non-member - For modifying habitat to aid hatchling Snapping Turtles at the Britannia Conservation Area. See citation
Carolyn CallaghanPresident's Prize - For leading delivery of the Canadian Field-Naturalist online with an innovative presence. See citation

Photos of the 2014 OFNC Soirée and awards presentations

Member of the Year


2016Gordon RobertsonFor his enthusiastic support of many activities of the Club. See citation
2015Lynn OvendenFor delivering a communications plan for the Club and initiating website modernization. See citation
2014Natalie SopinkaFor revitalizing Club communications via social media, including the blog FieldNotes and Twitter. See citation
2013Mark BrenchleyFor his creative and enthusiastic development of educational and promotional materials and promoting the OFNC at events. See citation
2012Jay FitzsimmonsFor his work managing the electronic publishing of the Canadian Field-Naturalist and also for his enthusiastic and far-reaching promotion of the journal. See citation
2011Barry CottamFor his dedicated work at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden to control dog-strangling vine. See citation
2010Francis R. Cook For for his recent effort to bring the CFN back on schedule. See citation
2008Diane LepageFor her dedicated work as a volunteer at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden. See citation
2007Carla HiladoFor her work with the Fletcher Wildlife Garden, in particular with the Backyard Garden, but also for work on the Butterfly Meadow, and for initiating several important projects such as organization of the FWG brochures. See citation
2006Annie BélairFor her dedicated, creative and innovative involvement with the Macoun Club, as well as her work as a volunteer at the Fletcher Wildlife Gardens. See citation
2005Gillian Marston and
Suzanne Deschenes
For stellar accomplishments in developing educational and publicity materials for OFNC and leading a successful membership drive. See citation
2004Marilyn WardFor dedicated contributions to the Excursions and Lectures Committee, the Fletcher Wildlife Garden, and for being the contact person for the OFNC. See citation
2003Pearl PeterkinFor outstanding contributions to the Education and Publicity Committee
2002Bill RoydsFor his many contributions to the club's conservation efforts, especially as the link between the OFNC and the Greenspace Alliance
2001Eve D. TicknorFor her work on FalconWatch and other birding activities
2000Sandra GarlandFor website design and maintenance
1999Claudia BurnsFor work at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden and in particular coordinating and planning work on the Backyard Garden
1998Robina BennettFor performing a multiplicity of tasks within the OFNC including the FWG, various committees, leading walks
1997Eileen EvansFor many and various contributions to the OFNC
1996Catherine O'KeefeFor club service in numerous areas
1995Bob BrackenFor sharing knowledge of natural history by leading numerous field trips
1994Tony BeckFor generously contributing time and energy to OFNC bird-related activities
1993David MooreFor being one of the most hard-working members in 1993 particularly as chair of the Education and Publicity Committee
1992Colin GaskellFor exceptional service to the club over the previous year, especially coordinating speakers and programmes
1991Michael MurphyFor exceptional service to the OFNC and for making the club an important environmental force
1990Francis R. CookFor getting the Canadian Field Naturalist back on schedule
1989Deirdre FurlongFor rejuvenating of the Excursions and Lectures Committee
1988Frank PopeFor assuming many Council roles when needed during 1988
1987Colin GaskellFor active committee work and organizing club excursions
1986Roy JohnFor chairing the Bird Records Subcommittee through a year of much change
1985Ellaine M. DicksonFor maintaining the OFNC phone line for many years
1984Frank H. BellFor exceptional service on many club committees, leading club walks, helping edit The Shrike
1983C. Richard LeavensFor involvement in nearly all aspects of the OFNC's participation in the FON AGM, 1983
1982Roger TaylorFor committee work, reorganization of The Shrike, creation of computer-based bird records
1981Joyce ReddochFor conservation work and Editor of T & L

George McGee Service Award


2016Sandra GarlandFor long and dedicated service to the Club and its Fletcher Wildlife Garden project. See citation
2015Roy JohnFor 12 years' service as the Book Review Editor for The Canadian Field-Naturalist, leading Pelee trips and bird walks. See citation
2014Elizabeth MortonFor 12 years' dedicated service as the copy editor for the Canadian Field-Naturalist. See citation
2013Karen McLachlan HamiltonFor over 12 years of dedicated service as editor of Trail & Landscape. See citation
2012Connie ClarkFor over 10 years of active service with the Fletcher Wildlife Garden, leading walks for the Club, committee work and writing Trail & Landscape articles. See citation
2011Ann PrescottFor her very valuable service to the Club over many years including publicity and promotion, sales table and Soiree support. See citation
2010Barbara Gaertner and Diane KitchingFor their very valuable service to the Macoun Field Club and, therefore, to the Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club. See citation
2009Gretchen and Tony Denton For their work at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden and dedication to the project for over 12 years. See citation
2008Phillip Jeffreys In recognition of a member who has contributed significantly to the smooth running of the club over several years. See citation
2007Louis L'ArrivéeFor eight years of tirelessly coordinating the the important job of mailing out Trail & Landscape four times a year. See citation
2006Christina LewisFor remarkable contributions, both in terms of service to the club and to the furthering of our knowledge of natural history in this area. See citation
2005Christine HanrahanFor exceptional service to the OFNC as regional coordinator of the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas, extensive contributions to the Fletcher Wildlife Garden, representing the OFNC on the Wildlife Festival Committee, service on the Conservation Committee, and work toward the conservation of Petrie Island and Larose Forest. See citation
2004Martha CamfieldFor extraordinary service over many, many years as a dedicated volunteer with the Macoun Field Club. See citation
2003Colin Bowen For exceptional service to the Birds Committee and birding community, including preparation of the OFNC birding site guide, bird count results, etc.
2002David HobdenFor his participation in the Conservation Committee and his enthusiastic, productive work on the Fletcher Wildlife Garden Committee over several years
2001Fenja BrodoFor her 10 years of service as an outstanding editor of Trail & Landscape
2000Philip MartinFor capable leadership in many facets of the OFNC, particularly the Conservation Committee
1999Betty CampbellFor many years of active OFNC work in numerous roles including photo librarian, Chair of Education and Publicity Committee, team player at FWG
1997Bernie LadouceurFor many years of leading walks, writing T&L articles and contributing in other ways to OFNC
1996Monty BrighamFor long years of club service, leading outings and workshops
1994Ron BedfordFor contributions to many facets of club activities, especially 14 years as chair of the Publications Committee
1993Bill HollandAwarded posthumously in recognition of long years of work for the club
1992Patricia NarrawayFor long-term service to the OFNC including setting up the membership computer program
1991Bill GummerFor being associate editor of Trail & Landscape, past President, chair and member of many committees
1990Robert LeeFor years of work with the Macoun Club
1989Joyce ReddochFor long service as Trail & Landscape editor and involvement in the Conservation Committee
1988Lois CodyFor maintenance of OFNC financial records since 1968
1987Gordon PringleFor doing all aspects of Birds Committee work over many years
1986Dorothy Greene
Marc Guertin
Lisa Meyboom
Jim Montgomery
Harry Thomson
For production of Trail & Landscape
1985Eileen EvansFor performing a variety of activities including organizing many events and excursions
1984Daniel F. BruntonFor major contributions to all facets of club affairs, holding various offices, leading walks, numerous articles in Trail & Landscape
1983Stephen DarbyshireFor leadership in both Macoun Field Club and Awards Committee
1982William M. KnightFor printing of The Shrike and other club items, work on committees
1981Ellaine M. DicksonFor club work over many years

Conservation Award — Member


2016Richard WatersFor engaging students in designing and building nest boxes and installing them in appropriate habitat. See citation
2014Anouk HoedemanFor creating the Ottawa Chapter of the Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) and bird rescue. See citation
2012David SeburnFor significant efforts for over a decade in turtle research and conservation in the Ottawa area. See citation
2011Ted MosquinFor his guidance to the Purdon Fen Conservation Area and and other conservation issues in the Ottawa Valley. See citation
2008Stan RosenbaumIn of his long and dedicated service to the smooth running of the Conservation Committee. See citation
2007Erwin DreessenFor consistently ensuring that greenspace protection is not a forgotten cause, through his work on the Greenspace Alliance and in particular for his work on the Leitrim Wetlands and southern corridor/McCarthy Woods. See citation
2006Frank PopeIn recognition of his skillful leadership of the Alfred Bog Committee for over 20 years, which in 2006 achieved its goal of protection for the Alfred Bog for generations to come. See citation
2005Iola PriceFor her outstanding contribution toward the conservation of trees and forests by her work on the Ottawa Forests and Greenspace Advisory Committee. See citation
2004Ghislaine RozonFor fighting for conservation of Larose Forest. See citation
2003Dan BruntonFor establishing the Ottawa Riverkeeper Project
2002Phillip FryFor establishing and maintaining the Old Field Garden near Oxford Mills as a model for habitat restoration and wildflower gardening
2001David WhiteFor his studies of the vascular plants of the Ottawa Region leading to preservation of ecologically sensitive lands
2000Albert DugalFor continuing dedication and exemplary work and for Leitrim Wetland preservation
1999Stan RosenbaumFor effective leadership and rejuvenation of the Conservation Committee
1998Ewen ToddFor representing the club on numerous advisory committees dealing with environmental concerns, during 20 years on the Conservation Committee
1997Michael RuntzFor efforts to save Gillies Grove in Arnprior
1996Christine Hanrahan
Sandra Garland
For work on the Fletcher Wildlife Garden
1995Jeff HarrisonFor work on the Fletcher Wildlife Garden
1994Ian HuggettFor mobilizing people to save the Wychwood Forest and working to protect the Ottawa River floodplain
1993Jacques CayouetteFor discovery of a series of alvars in Quebec and subsequent work to achieve their protection
1992Ian HuggettFor dedication to protecting natural areas of the Outaouais and founding the citizen's group Ecowatch
1991Albert DugalFor committed and ongoing work to save the Leitrim Wetlands
1990Phil ReillyFor wetlands conservation
1988Frank PopeFor extensive work on helping save the Alfred Bog
1987Graham MacNayFor establishing a Bluebird trail which helped increase numbers of this species in the area
1986Jane ToppingFor wetlands conservation
1985Jim M. RichardsFor successful preservation of Second Marsh in Oshawa
1984Roger TaylorFor conservation initiatives to save the Carp Hills
1983Ernest A. Beauchesne
Don G. Cuddy
For spearheading efforts to preserve Alfred Bog
1982H. Loney DicksonFor published reports on significant natural areas in the region used as baseFor conservation efforts
1981Albert W. DugalFor conservation work especially S. Gloucester/Leitrim Wetlands

Conservation Award — Non-Member


2016City of OttawaFor modifying habitat to aid hatchling Snapping Turtles at the Britannia Conservation Area. See citation
2015Miller Paving LimitedFor land conservation at the Braeside Quarry. See citation
2014Cathy and Paul KeddyFor land conservation achievements in the Lanark area. See citation
2012Biodiversity Conservancy International and the National Capital Commission For the sand dune conservation project at the Pinhey Forest in Ottawa. See citation
2010Limerick Forest Advisory Committee, Friends of Limerick Forest, Grenville Land Stewardship Council, and the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville For the remarkable work performed by volunteers of the County and the Grenville Land Stewardship Council in making Limerick Forest a fine example of what an ecologically sustainable forest can and should be. See citation
2009Meredith BrownFor her outstanding contribution in the cause of natural history conservation in the Ottawa Valley through her work as executive director of Ottawa Riverkeeper. See citation
2008Ken McRaeFor his exceptional efforts as a champion of water resources, concentrating on wetlands in the Ottawa area, while also monitoring other issues in Eastern Ontario and in provincial legislation. See citation
2007Cliff BennettFor untiring work on natural history and conservation issues in the Ottawa Valley, and for helping educate the public on these topics through a long-running column in the Lanark newspaper. Cliff is also an effective Coordinator for the Eastern Region of Ontario Nature (FON). See citation
2006Madeline KallioFor her outstanding efforts on behalf of nature and conservation in the Ottawa region, and in particular for her work with the National Capital Region Wildlife Festival. See citation
2005Friends of the Carp RiverFor its efforts over many years to protect and restore the ecosystem of the Carp River. See citation
2004Barbara Barr For protection of natural areas in Ottawa through the regional and municipal planning processes. See citation
2003Friends of the JockFor undertaking numerous projects to restore the health of the river
2002Michèle André-St CyrFor her relentless work in preventing the death of turtles along the highways of southeastern Ontario by establishing "Turtle Crossing" signs, and for her efforts in educating the public about turtles
2001Land Preservation Society of the Ottawa ValleyFor its unrelenting and ultimately successful struggle to save Gillies Grove, Arnprior
2000David MillerFor work as an environmental planner with the city of Ottawa
1999Friends of Petrie IslandFor remarkable efforts in working towards protection of a significant natural area
1998Jean LangloisFor effective leadership and guidance of the Ottawa Valley chapter of CPAWS
1997Natural Heritage Information CentreFor careful and comprehensive ongoing recording of the province's natural features
1996J. Gordon NelsonFor thirty-five years of dedicated work and for preservation of parks and protected areas
1995Kit Chubb and the Avian Care and Research CentreFor dedication to avian rehabilitation
1994Goulbourn Environmental Advisory CommitteeFor rejuvenating the Richmond Sewage Lagoons as a wetland conservation area
1993Donna WilsonFor organizing pupils of two schools to be guardians of Mud Lake in Britannia
1992Kanata Lakes Natural Environment AreaFor working to protect hundreds of hectares of South March Highlands

Anne Hanes Natural History Award


2012Diane LepageFor her independent study of and publication in Trail & Landscape on the moths of the Larose Forest. See citation
2011Colin FreeburyFor his independent study of and publication on lichens in Gatineau Park. See citation
2010Monty BrighamFor his outstanding contribution to our knowledge of bird, mammal and amphibian vocalizations in Eastern Ontario and across Canada. See citation
2008Otto Loesel For his years of independent study of woodrotting fungi (Polyporales) in the National Capital Region and in particular in Gatineau Park. See citation
2007Ross LayberryFor continuing work on surveying, compiling, and maintaining records on butterflies in the Ottawa and thereby broadening our understanding of the distribution of butterfly species in the area. See citation
2006Linda JeaysFor her outstanding contribution to our further knowledge of the Eastern Tailed Blue in the Ottawa Region. See citation
2005Macoun Field ClubFor its members' remarkable studies of the Macoun Study Area in Bells Corners over a 35-year period. See citation
2001Robert Bracken and Christina LewisFor remarkable studies and publications on the dragonflies and damselflies of the Ottawa region
2000Robert LeeFor article "The leopard does not change its spots"
1997Joyce and Allan ReddochFor exhaustive research on Ottawa area orchids culminating in the publication of The Orchids in the Ottawa District
1996J.M. GillettFor work on the vascular plants of the Ottawa area
1995Marilyn LightFor work on the orchids of Gatineau Park
1993Mary I. MooreFor thorough botanical work in the Ottawa Valley and Algonquin Park
1992Donald G. CuddyFor comprehensive work on documenting important natural features in eastern Ontario to aid in their protection
1991Michael RuntzFor extensive contributions to better understanding the natural history of the Ottawa Valley and beyond
1988Daniel F. BruntonFor his 1988 book Nature and Natural Areas in Canada's Capital
1987Jack HollidayFor publication in T&L of many illustrated articles on natural history
1986Clarence FranktonFor botanical inventories in particular of Stony Swamp
1985Ross AndersonFor publication in T&L of many illustrated articles on natural history
1983Bruce M. Di LabioFor birding knowledge and expertise
1981Ross Layberry
J. Don Lafontaine
Peter Hall
For work culminating in Butterflies of the Ottawa District, 1982

Mary Stuart Education Award


2014Tom SpearsFor years of popularizing natural history topics for the media in the Ottawa area. See citation
2013Angelika SkevingtonFor sharing her knowledge and wonder of nature with students at Huntley Centennial Public School in Carp, Ontario. See citation
2011Fred Schueler and Aleta Karstad For their many years of exceptional service in natural history education including mudpuppy nights and the NatureList. See citation
2010MacSkimming Outdoor Education Centre For their many years of exceptional service in teaching natural history to Ottawa area children. See citation
2008Rob LeeFor over 30 years of dedicated and effective teaching of natural history to both children and adults in the Ottawa area. See citation
2007Martha WebberFor his extraordinary ability to teach natural history and to inspire young people. See citation
2006Isabelle NicolFor her work as a first-rate natural history teacher. See citation
2005Michael LéveilléFor excellence in teaching natural history at the Educarium, an Ottawa private school. See citation
2004Andrea HowardFor outstanding, innovative approaches to teaching a variety of natural history topics. See citation

President's Prize


2016Carolyn CallaghanFor leading delivery of the CFN online with an innovative presence. See citation
2015Linda BurrFor her inspiration and dedication to the several projects that she has taken on so successfully. See citation
2015Ken YoungFor his work as treasurer of the OFNC. See citation
2014Lis AllisonFor leading development of the Bill Cody Fern Garden. See citation
2014Bob CermakFor organizing OFNC-led birding outings at the 2014 conference of the Ontario Field Ornithologists. See citation
2013Al and Erma BeaulieuFor years quietly helping in many ways at the Fletcher Wildlife Garden and maintaining two east-end OFNC feeders.
2013Dave and Verna SmytheFor being active members on the mailing team of Trail & Landscape for over 20 years.
2012Roy and Gerry MillenFor over 30 years keeping the bird feeders stocked at the Jack Pine Trail, Stony Swamp
2011Joe DafoeFor decades of generous support to the Club through his Nature Store
2010Janet Gehr
2000Ellaine DicksonFor many years as custodian of the club telephone and for many other club contributions
1995Dave SmytheFor four years of meticulous record keeping for the OFNC
1994Bill GummerFor 15 years of service on Council and many other club contributions
1993Eileen EvansFor tireless support of so many facets of OFNC activities over many years
1992Gillian MarstonFor performance as Treasurer and member of the FON Conference Committee
1991Larry NeilyFor long-time operation of the bird-status line
1990Peter HallFor establishing the Fletcher Wildlife Garden
1989Michael MurphyFor outstanding work on many club activities; creation of the Greenline supplement to T&L
1988Marg BensonFor coordinating OFNC participation in the 1988 Peregrine Falcon Project
1987Dianna ThompsonFor organizing the OFNC's participation in the NCC's Fall Rhapsody
1986Barbara MartinFor helping to computerize the OFNC's records
1985Christine HanrahanFor Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas, Ottawa Region

Honorary Members


2015John McNeillIn recognition of lifetime contributions to Canadian botany and botanical nomenclature. See citation
2015Robert E. LeeIn recognition of lifetime contributions to natural history teaching and investigation and dedicated leadership of the Macoun Field Club. See citation
2014Ross LayberryIn recognition of lifetime contributions to butterfly conservation. See citation
2012Dr. J. Bruce FallsFor his immense contribution to the investigation, documentation and protection of natural features and landscapes in Ontario and throughout Canada. See citation
2012Peter W. HallFor his work on butterflies among other species, the Fletcher Wildlife Garden, biodiversity conservation and over 30 years of service to the Club. See citation
2010Ronald E. BedfordFor his commitment and stewardship. See citation
2010Daniel F. BruntonFor his achievements as a knowledgeable naturalist, accomplished botanist and birder, important environmentalist and spokesperson for natural history in the National Capital Region, and for his outstanding service to the club. See citation
2010Michael D. CadmanFor his significant contributions to the understanding of birds, bird distributions and habitat requirements. See citation
2009Paul CatlingOne of Canada's most distinguished plant taxonomists, Paul is a man of many talents and interests. See citation
2009Fenja BrodoFenja radiates contagious passion for the natural world. Whether she is leading or participating in an outing, she brings enthusiasm and excitement and takes delight in sharing her knowledge. See citation
2008Christine HanrahanIn recognition of the astonishing depth of her love and caring for everything natural and the efforts she has undertaken to make people "see the beauty and the wonder of even the tiniest creature or plant." See citation
2004Charles D. BirdFor his work on mosses, lichens and flowering plants and long service as an associate editor of the Canadian Field-Naturalist. See citation
2003Dan StricklandFor his renowned studies on the Gray Jay and for fostering an appreciation of nature in the general public in his role as Chief Naturalist at Algonquin Park
2001John B. ThebergeFor ecological studies of wolves, work in establishing parks, and outstanding books on Canadian natural history
2000Donald M. BrittonFor outstanding work in plant taxonomy and systematics
Jack M. GillettFor long career as a plant taxonomist and contributions to the Club
E. Frank PopeFor 22 years on Council and continuing work
Joyce and Allan ReddochFor service on Council and committees
1999Theodore MosquinFor service to the Club and contributions to Canadian natural history and its conservation
1998Francis R. CookFor service to the Club and herpetological work
1997John LivingstonFor contributions toward the appreciation of nature and the environment
1996Bruce M. Di LabioFor service to the Club and contribution to birding
1996William O. Pruitt, JrFor mammalogy and service to the Club as associate editor of The Canadian Field-Naturalist
1992George F. LedinghamFor scientific, educational and conservation achievements related to grasslands
1991Ellaine M. DicksonFor many years of dedicated service in many aspects of the Club
1989Anthony J. ErskineFor ornithology and club work
1987Ibra L. ConnersFor mycology and service to the Club
Donald E. McAllisterFor ichthyology
Robert W. NeroFor work as a naturalist and a writer
1986E.L. BousefieldFor invertebrate zoology
Claude E. GartonFor botany
1985Eugene G. MunroeFor entomology
C. Stuart HoustonFor ornithology and history
1984Bernard BoivinFor botany
Irwin M. BrodoFor botany and club work
Verna R. McGiffinFor club work
Stewart D. MacDonaldFor ornithology
1983Hue N. MackenzieFor club work
1982Thomas H. ManningFor zoology
1981Louise de Kiriline LawrenceFor work as a naturalist and a writer
Sheila ThomsonFor club work
1980R. Yorke EdwardsFor work as an interpretive naturalist
Clarence FranktonFor botany
Douglas B.O. SavilleFor mycology and work as a naturalist
1979C.H.D. ClarkeFor zoology
William J. CodyFor botany and club work
George McGeeFor club work
Pauline SnureFor club work
Mary E. StuartFor club work
1978W.K.K. BaldwinFor botany and club work
1976W. Earl GodfreyFor ornithology
1972William G. DoreFor botany
Loris S. RusselFor palaeontology
J.D. SoperFor zoology
W.A. SquiresFor ornithology
Robie W. TuftsFor ornithology
1971Father F.E. BaninFor club work
A.F. CoventryFor mammology and education
Rowley FirthFor work as a naturalist and club work
A.E. PorsildFor botany
C.M. SternbergFor palaeontology
M.Y. WilliamsFor geology
1970Wilmot LloydFor club work
1965Hoyes LloydFor ornithology
1963Stuart CriddleFor work as a naturalist
1959George H. TurnerFor botany
1955Herbert GrohFor botany
1953Alice E. WilsonFor geology
1952Harrison F. LewisFor ornithology
1945E.A. PrebleFor ornithology and mammology
Hugh M. RaupFor botany
1944Percy A. TavernerFor ornithology
1936H. Beaumont SmallFor work as a club pioneer
1933Arthur GibsonFor entomology
1903James F. WhiteFor education
1902Rev. C.J.S. BethuneFor entomology and education
Edward L. GreeneFor botany
1900Theodor HolmFor botany
H.J. WickhamFor entomology
1887E. Alice AmerodFor entomology
1886Rev. George W. Taylor For marine biology
1885Sir William SaundersFor entomology
Abbe ProvancherFor work as a naturalist
1884C. Hart MerriamFor ornithology and mammology
John B. SmithFor entomology
1883Rev. Duncan AndersonFor ornithology
1882Henry EdwardsFor entomology
1879John MacounFor work as a naturalist
Albert J. HillFor palaeontology

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