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2014 George McGee Service Award - Elizabeth Morton

The George McGee Service Award is given in recognition of a member who has contributed significantly to the smooth running of the Club over several years.

Elizabeth Morton joined the OFNC in 1985 and almost immediately began helping with The Canadian Field-Naturalist (CFN) by responding to a request for volunteers. At that time her English literature training made her ideal as editorial assistant. She continued in that position until 1989. It was also around that same time when she joined the Publications Committee.

Liz served as editor of Trail & Landscape for the 1990 volume, covering many general club and birding activities, as well as environmental concerns such as the Albion Road Wetlands and the Spring Hill bog.

In 2002, Liz officially became copy editor of the CFN. In this role, she was responsible for the proof-reading and editing of manuscripts on a huge variety of subject matter from authors of diverse backgrounds. With her keen eye, attention to detail and knowledge of natural history, she performed her job with extraordinary skill and patience and provided reliable help to the associate editors and the editor-in-chief. The majority of her editorial comments were incorporated into the manuscripts.

Liz is a well-organized collaborator, an important quality in helping to keep the editor on schedule. She remained as copy editor until CFN's transition from print-only to print-and-electronic version making her "the constant" during the editorial and committee change-over. She retired only when the transition was complete. During her tenure as copy editor, she reviewed, on average, 74 articles (representing about 575 pages) annually. All this was done while maintaining her day job.

Liz served on the Publications Committee for 28 years, offering advice and giving insights into the production of the CFN. More recently, she participated in the Publications Committee's ad-hoc subcommittee investigating the feasibility of the CFN becoming electronic. This three member subcommittee looked at various publication systems available, assessed the suitability of each with respect to the CFN, and submitted recommendations to the Publications Committee and Council.

The OFNC is pleased to present Elizabeth Morton the George McGee Service Award for her many years of dedicated work on The Canadian Field-Naturalist and within the Publications Committee.

Prepared by Karen McLachlan Hamilton with information from Francis Cook and Sandra Garland

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