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2014 President's Prize - Lis Allison

This award is given at the President's discretion for singular contributions to our Club that do not quite fit the other categories.

Four years ago, the Fletcher Wildlife Garden needed somebody with knowledge of ferns and their discrete habitats to create a fern trail in memory of Bill Cody, a fern specialist and a long-time member of our Club. Lis Allison took on this project in the Ash Woods. Now, as most of you know, those woods have been destroyed by the Emerald Ash Borer. The Ashes had to be cut down and in the process the fern garden, which had become nicely established under these trees, was also destroyed.

A decision was made to recreate a fern garden at the rear of the Backyard Garden. Lis gallantly took on the task to redesign that area to make it a suitable space for ferns. There was plenty of shade for shade loving ferns but other habitats needed to be created. Using a pond liner and doing some heavy digging, she fashioned a small wetland for the water-loving ferns and built a lovely stone wall for the rock dwelling ferns. Voila, we now have a Fern Garden with about 39 of the 43 ferns that grow in the Ottawa area. Many of these ferns came from Lis' own garden.

It is my pleasure to present the President's Prize to Elisabeth Allison with thanks from our club.

Prepared by Fenja Brodo based on material from Isabelle Nicol

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