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Theodore Mosquin - 2011 Conservation Award - Member

Ted Mosquin has been involved with many conservation issues and projects in the Ottawa Valley over many years. The OFNC would like to particularly recognize his role as a guardian and advisor with relation to the Purdon Fen Conservation Area in Lanark County. Ted prepared a long-term management plan for the fen and then served for many years as an interpreter and advisor as well as leading fundraising efforts to pay for interpretive signage and to develop the area for public uses. In recognition of Ted's key role in the ongoing development of the Purdon Fen Conservation Area, the "Ted Mosquin Highland Trail" in the Conservation Area was named in his honour. In 2007, Ted received the Conservation Pioneer Award from the Latornell Conservation Foundation on the recommendation of the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority for his role in the long term protection of the Showy Lady's-Slipper colony in the fen. Thousands of people visit this site each year and learn about the ecology of orchids and the conservation of wetlands.

In 2002 Ted established the Mississippi-Madawaska Land Trust Conservancy and served as its first president until 2010. This trust enabled private citizens to protect land in its natural state through both agreements and purchase. Almost 2000 acres have already been protected, including some old growth forest areas.

Since 2001 he has been a board member for the Mississippi Conservation Foundation in Lanark, Ontario. Ted has also served on the Lanark Highlands Environmental Advisory Committee since 2009. This committee was established by the Lanark Highlands Municipal Council to offer advice to the elected members of Council.

In addition to the local involvements for which he is being recognized this year, Ted has been involved in a vast number of national and even international conservation projects and natural history organizations for over 30 years.

For his many years of involvement in conservation issues in the Ottawa valley, the OFNC is pleased to present to Ted Mosquin with the Conservation Award for a Member for 2011.

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