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Ronald E. Bedford - 2010 Honorary Member

After 32 years of committed service to the Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club's (OFNC) Publications Committee, Ron Bedford has stepped down as chair. His humour, steady hand, sharp eye, sound judgement and grasp of the committee's function will be missed.

The Publications Committee is responsible for the policies and production of the club's two quarterly publications, The Canadian Field-Naturalist (CFN) and Trail & Landscape, along with special issues of these publications.

The dominant quarterly publication is CFN, a scientific journal recognized internationally. It has been the major project for the club for over 125 years. In overseeing the CFN, Ron worked closely with Francis Cook, its long-standing editor, and the late Bill Cody, business manager. Issues of editorial policy and publication format were addressed. The latest challenge has been to produce an online version of the journal.

Ron played an important role in establishing the OFNC Publication Policy in the early 1980s. As one member described it, the policy was as important as it was contentious at the time. The policy stands today essentially as it was developed almost 30 years ago. Ron's calm, thoughtful, professional input throughout was a huge help in keeping the participants focused and getting the job done. The core elements of the policy are intact and still serve the OFNC and its publications very well in their contribution to the larger community in Ottawa and across Canada. This is a testament to the success of Ron's contributions.

As committee chair, Ron supported and encouraged the acceptance of numerous special contributions proposed and subsequently published in the CFN. Among them are Irwin Brodo's Lichens of the Ottawa Region (2nd edition); Joyce and Allan Reddoch's The Orchids in the Ottawa District; John L. Cranmer-Byng's A Life with Birds: A Biography of Percy Algernon Taverner 1875-1947; and Alexander Burnett's A Passion for Wildlife: A History of the Canadian Wildlife Service.

Ron is also a keen bird watcher and often goes on the club bus trip to Point Pelee. With his wife Trudy, he led many nature walks in the eastern part of the city.

For his commitment and stewardship, the OFNC is proud to offer an Honorary Membership to Ron Bedford.

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