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Stanley D. Rosenbaum - 2008 Conservation Award (Member)

The OFNC Conservation Award for Members is presented in recognition of an outstanding contribution by a member of the OFNC in the cause of natural history conservation in the Ottawa Valley, with particular emphasis on activities within the Ottawa District. Stan Rosenbaum is chosen as the recipient for the 2008 winner in recognition of his long and dedicated service to the smooth running of the Conservation Committee.

Stan really is the public face of conservation for the OFNC and has been for many years. He won this same award in 1999 for his work in turning around the Conservation Committee, which was undergoing a crisis of confidence at that time. Now we believe that his remarkable contribution to conservation deserves to be recognized again. Stan is the guiding light of the Conservation Committee, and without him at the helm, many issues would not be addressed.

A long time member of both the OFNC and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, and closely involved with the Greenspace Alliance, Stan has been interested in the outdoors for many decades. When he retired he decided that it was time to devote more energy and time to the protection of our natural areas. The issues that he has been involved with over the last twelve years are numerous.

On behalf of the OFNC Conservation Committee, Stan has written countless letters to all levels of government, on a wide variety of issues. Topics include the quarry proposal for 5309 Bank St. (the old South Gloucester conservation area); Leitrim Wetlands; support for a campaign to ban cosmetic use of pesticides; Provincial Planning Reform; protection of the Carden Alvar and the Braeside Alvar; the issue of development in Gatineau Park; Bill 184 (Ontario's Endangered Species Act, 2007) -- the list goes on and on. These letters take considerable research and time to prepare, the facts and arguments are checked, and then checked again, and checked once more, before they are sent. Thanks to Stan, the credibility of the OFNC on conservation matters continues to be maintained.

Stan has also attended innumerable open houses, on issues ranging from expansion of the Nortel property into NCC greenbelt, Lands for Life, Ontario Parks legislation review, South March Highlands management plan, and Planning Act regulations, to name only a few of the many.

In 2008, Stan led the OFNC's objection to the White Paper released by the City of Ottawa to test public reaction to developing parts of the Greenbelt; the City withdrew the paper.

As if all of this is not enough, Stan has represented the OFNC on many coalition and working groups. These include, but are not limited to, the Light Rail Maintenance Yard Public Working Group, the NCC Renewal Coalition, the Gatineau Park Protection Coalition, and the Greenbelt Coalition.

In addition to the above mentioned letters, Stan frequently prepares well researched briefs presenting the conservation point of view on many of the above issues.

Additionally, when the call went out from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources in 2008 for help in eastern Ontario with a hands on project to remove the invasive Water Chestnut, Stan was right there. He not only helped find volunteers, but volunteered for field work himself.

Stan not only chairs the Conservation Committee, he also serves as committee secretary, preparing the agenda beforehand, and the minutes afterwards. These excellent summaries are used to prepare the quarterly Conservation Matters articles for T&L. Stan also writes annual reports on committee activities for the OFNC Council, and brings important issues to Council's attention. In other words, Stan is tireless in his pursuit of fair play for conservation issues.

For all of these reasons and more, Stan Rosenbaum is a fitting recipient of the 2008 Conservation Award (Member).

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