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Christine Hanrahan - 2008 Honorary Member

This award is presented in recognition of outstanding contributions by a member or non-member to Canadian natural history or to the successful operation of the Club. Usually people awarded an honorary membership have made extensive contributions over many years.

Christine Hanrahan could be receiving this award to honour over two decades worth of dedicated investigation and documentation of the flora and fauna in natural areas in Ontario and British Columbia; or for countless hours of footslogging on personal bioblitzes, which have added to the natural history knowledge of such places as Colony Farm, DeBoville Slough, Burke Mountain and Douglas Island in British Columbia and Petrie Island, Larose Forest and the Fletcher Wildlife Garden (FWG) in our local area.

Christine could also be receiving this award as a writer, for her outstanding contributions in education. Web articles and brochures such as "How to Get Started in Birdwatching?", "Creating a Safe Garden for Birds", "Trees and Shrubs for Birds", "Wildflowers of the Fletcher Wildlife Garden" and "The Ruddy Duck in Eastern Ontario" are a few examples. She is also a major contributor to 'Trail & Landscape' writing the regular FWG updates, reports from the Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas project and a series of articles on small mammals. In more than 25 years of contribution, Christine has had over 60 articles published in 'Trail & Landscape'. In recent years, the OFNC web site cannot be visited without seeing Christine's contributions: from the home page photo to general interest articles, species lists, the FWG Blog, Larose Forest reports and her latest project, the PBase photo galleries.

This award might also be given for longstanding club service in committee work. Christine has worked long hours with committees of the OFNC and other nature-oriented organizations. Always an effective and committed committee member, Christine's club services includes these: Birds, FWG Management, Conservation, Awards. Where did Christine find the time for non-club activities like being Regional Coordinator for the First (1983 -86) and Second (2000- 2005) Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas for the Ottawa region with a team of 120 volunteers, checking and verifying data and writing final reports. Annually Christine helps organize the Wildlife Festival, a major event with multiple activities attracting large public participation. Christine's name will be always associated with the Larose Forest, a special place for her where she currently represents the OFNC on the Larose Forest Advisory Committee and in 2008 Chaired the Larose Forest 80th Anniversary celebrations. There are many, many other activities which benefit from Christine's organization support and leadership.

Christine Hanrahan is receiving this award - of an honorary membership in the Club - to recognize and acknowledge the astonishing depth of her love and caring for everything natural and the efforts she has undertaken to make people "see the beauty and the wonder of even the tiniest creature or plant." She has taken almost every opportunity one can imagine to promote the interest of the public in natural history, believing that the more people learn about a species or habitat, the more respect they will have for it and be willing to protect it. Christine is a truly an amazing field naturalist.

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