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Louis L'Arrivée, George McGee Service Award 2007

The George McGee Service Award is given in recognition of a member who has contributed significantly to the smooth running of the Club over several years. For the past eight years, Louis L'Arrivée has been responsible for the mailing of the OFNC publication, Trail & Landscape (T&L). Louis is a person who works "behind the scenes" and most members of the Club might not have heard of him or know about the amount of time he puts into organizing the mailing of T&L.

Four times a year he takes action. It begins with the notification of the proposed date when T&L will be ready for mailing. Louis gets the ball rolling by contacting the membership committee chair for the current address list, and then he organizes the people who assist him in the mailing. Prior to the mailing, he sorts and bundles the hundreds of mailing labels by postal code in order to ascertain the appropriate number of Canada Post containers and the correct machine readable postal codes. This ensures the publication is in the correct format to allow Canada Post to use its quick mailing process. He also makes sure there are enough peripheral supplies for the mailing to run smoothly and will often confirm with the editor and the printer concerning the correct T&L mailing date.

Louis allows the use of his home for us to complete the necessary tasks for the mailing to take place. He is always well organized; everything is ready for us upon arrival. If someone is new to the group, he patiently explains the process and is willing to answer any question or offer any suggestions to help streamline the activity. The more unusual mailings, such as the international addresses requiring special attention, are always done by Louis personally.

All this is conducted in a very warm, hospitable environment. His kindness and patience makes it is always a pleasure to assist in the mailing exercise. When all the publications are ready for mailing, Louis prepares the Mailing Summary and brings the containers to the main post office (not all postal outlets will accept pre-sorted mail containers), often on a Monday morning before he begins his work day.

Louis has been known to do all of this on very short notice, and at times re-arrange his weekday evenings to attend to the mailing when his weekends are filled with family activities. One notable mailing date was December 26, a testament to Louis' dedication.

For his outstanding service over many years, the OFNC is pleased to present the George McGee Service Award to Louis L'Arrivée.

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