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Isabelle Nicol, Mary Stuart Education Award 2006

The Mary Stuart Education Award was established to recognize members, non-members or organizations, for their outstanding achievements in the field of natural history education in the Ottawa Region. The OFNC is pleased to give the award for 2006 to Isabelle Nicol.

Isabelle has a great affinity for teaching natural history. She is both knowledgeable and enthusiastic and conveys this interest to the many lucky people who have been in her classroom or participated in her many field trips. Isabelle was a former employee of the NCC but, before she left that job, she was actively working on this, her second career that she has pursued so successfully for over 15 years.

Isabelle is a free-lance teacher of natural history who is invited back year after year in several local schools because of her natural ability to teach and because of her careful planning of various natural history modules that complement the subjects covered in the grade school curriculum. These include modules on habitats, plants, hibernation in winter, migration, spring ephemerals and active winter wildlife. She works closely with the teachers to tailor her teaching to fit the interests and abilities of the students at hand.

Recently Isabelle has branched out and now also teaches natural history to various senior citizen groups and garden clubs. Over these many years Isabelle has also been a much sought after field trip leader for our Club, where participants have come to appreciate her quiet style and originality. We have a first rate natural history teacher in our midst and it is time that she be appropriately honoured.

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