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Christina Lewis, George McGee Service Award 2006

The OFNC George McGee Service Award is given in recognition of a member who has contributed significantly to the smooth running of the Club over several years.

Since joining the OFNC in 1995, Chris Lewis has been an exceptionally busy and productive member of the club. A long-time member of the Birds Committee, Chris has served as recording secretary since 2001, a position she continues to fulfil. Many club members will recognize Chris as one of the stalwarts of the Seedathon team who not only organizes, but participates in this important event to raise money for the purchase of seeds for all the OFNC bird feeders in the region.

Chris is the recorder and reporter for the OFNC's Bird Status line, a position she has held since 2001. She is responsible for making sure the data is logged, recorded, and ultimately submitted to ONTBIRDS, the provincial listserv for bird observations. This is no small task and is vitally important if we are to have reliable data on bird occurrences in this region.

In 2003, Chris joined the OFNC's Bird Records Subcommittee, which is responsible for reviewing all rare bird reports from the region. A very keen and knowledgeable birder, Chris has also written numerous rare bird reports since 1995. In addition, she contributes significantly to the Bird Records Subcommittee database.

Chris is also responsible for many of the regular quarterly bird summaries in Trail & Landscape. She has also authored or co-authored many other articles for T&L, most recently an excellent report on the first confirmed nesting of the Double-crested Cormorant in Ottawa. Chris authored the significant species summaries for the Ottawa area for the Birder's Journal (2001-2004), and for the American Birding Association's North American Birds (2001 to the present).

With Bob Bracken, she has co-authored several articles promoting Ottawa area bird-watching for "OFO News", the newsletter of the Ontario Field Ornithologists.

When the Ontario Field Ornithologists held their annual convention in Ottawa in September 2006, Chris very capably assisted not only with promotion of field trips for this event, but helped to lead several very successful trips.

While many people may connect Chris with birds, there are many more who know her as an expert on Odonates - dragonflies and damselflies, and on Lepidoptera. Over the last decade she has led or co-led, numerous walks for the OFNC on birds, butterflies, dragonflies (the Morris Island dragon walks are very popular), fish and general natural history.

Her interest in, and knowledge of, odonates has led her to publish some important articles on dragonflies and damselflies of the Ottawa area, and submit an astonishing 2,000+ records of odonates for the Ottawa area, together with Bob Bracken, to the Ontario Odonata Summaries. She and Bob received the 2001 Anne Hanes Natural History award for this work.

These are remarkable contributions, both in terms of service to the club and to the furthering of our knowledge of natural history in this area. For all of these reasons, the OFNC is pleased the 2006 Service Award to Christina Lewis.

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