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Iola Price, Conservation Award - Member 2005

The OFNC Conservation Award is given in recognition of a club member who has made an outstanding contribution towards protecting our natural environment. Iola Price is a very worthy recipient of this award in recognition of her effective membership in the City of Ottawa's Forest and Greenspace Advisory Committee (OFGAC) to promote conservation of trees and forests.

As the current Chair of the Ottawa Forests and Greenspace Advisory Committee, and co-chair before that, Iola provides an articulate and credible voice on issues related to conservation of the trees, forests and greenspace of our Nation's capital.

The Ottawa Forests and Greenspace Advisory Committee (OFGAC) was established in the fall of 2001 to advise Ottawa City Council and provide a forum for citizens on issues related to trees and forests. Iola's accomplishments include reviewing OFGAC position papers before transmission to appropriate authorities, preparation of numerous written briefs and making powerful submissions to city committees. For example, Iola recently exhorted City Council at a budget planning meeting to "think of trees as green infrastructure, as essential to a well-ordered city as sewers, lighting and roads."

On many occasions, Iola has made a powerful and persuasive intervention during the City's planning process in support of the importance of greenspace and protection of sites of urban natural ecological significance. Her recent interventions regarding the Nepean Creek Corridor as well as her efforts for improving the criteria utilized for determining appropriate urban density development levels underscores this dedication towards the maintenance and protection of trees and greenspace in the National Capital Region.

Iola has provided recommendations to strengthen ecological provisions in urban design studies such as Riverside South Community Design and Leitrim Community Design. She spearheaded opposition to such controversial development projects as the highly controversial Carp Ridge housing project and the Phase 2 Leitrim Wetlands development, which, if approved, would extend housing into the wetland itself.

Iola is recognized as a very effective and valuable "networker," regularly liaising with other tree and greenspace-oriented community groups operating in the NCR. This includes our Club through the Conservation Committee and Fletcher Wildlife Garden. Members of these committees wholeheartedly appreciate that Iola is very quick and efficient in replying to queries and in exploring issues and ideas, which helps so much when it allows one to continue one's work without delay.

Through this award, OFNC members recognize the outstanding efforts towards protecting our natural environment by one of our members - Iola Price.

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